searching for spring


In my continued efforts to strongly encourage Spring to come to Chicago, I’m trying to wear bright colors as much as possible. Admittedly, I don’t think this strategy is working…but I’m trying nonetheless. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, so I’ll leave you to the photos, readers!


Dress: Issa for Banana Republic ($14 marked down from $130)
Blazer: Forever 21 ($25)
Tights: Target ($8)
Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)


Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I’ve said it once, I will likely keep saying it: shopping “off season” is a great way to find pieces at good prices. This dress looks spring/summer colored to me, but definitely works in winter too. If you don’t find something in the first store you go to, try not to be too dismayed! Lots of times I “strike out” in a store. Gap is having a great winter sale now, as is Ann Taylor. Stock up on winter pieces now and you might find that a lot of the pieces could easily transition into spring and fall.

2) Time is really at a premium for most people. I always go straight to a clearance section in a store and check out the prices and pieces. If the prices aren’t great, they likely won’t get better elsewhere in the store, so move on! 5-10 minutes tops is about all you need to scope out a store. I typically do 1-2 stores in an outing, but it all depends on how you shop and want to shop!

I’ve been reading some comments asking about how to find deals, so hopefully these tips help, but I would love other people’s feedback too! What are your speed shopping tips?

Thanks for stopping by, lovely readers! I appreciate it so much!

47 replies to “searching for spring

  1. I go straight for the clearance too, who knows what you’ll find there. If I have time on my hands I check out all the clearances at the mall and then go for a deeper look 😀 I would hate to find a great piece only after I’ve spent a fortune on something similar.

  2. Love how you’ve layered your outfit! In love with the blazer. I always head straight for the clearance section too—I get all giddy when I see clearance sales, LOL…just the other day, I went in Sears and saw that the marked down their entire Christmas decor to 90% off the original price—boy, did I go to town, around and back again!!!

  3. Is the dress sleeveless and you put a black shirt under it, or did it come with the contrast long sleeves? Great color on you.

  4. You have to stop wearing this blazer, every time you do I end up in a two hour (unsuccessful) search for it or something similar (at an unridiculous) price point. Only to end the night sad and empty handed:(. Ok rant over because you look amazing as always and I think we should concentrate on that:)

    xx Cara

    1. LOL! It’s funny because I almost didn’t get it about 6 years ago when I found it, but I really haven’t seen too many similar ones since then. If I do, I will let you know! Or, you will have to borrow it. LOL xo

  5. So cute this dress! Is it a Summer dress, right? But I love the way you wore it with leggings! I am on the other hand no so ready for Spring. I think I wanna enjoy a few more cold and snow days. Remember, I am from Rio, Brazil and, even after almost ten years living in this country, snow is still new and exciting for me. But I understand it has been freezing cold lately and the thought of warmer days is always welcome! Have a great weekend!

    1. I do forget you are from Rio!! That makes sense- I grew up in Chicago. I think after all these years, I’m over the winters!! lol but you enjoy it 🙂 because it’s clearly not leaving us yet anyway!! xo

  6. I really feel for you guys across the pond. In Holland yesterday was the first day (and probably the last in coming weeks), temperatures hit below zero celcius. Keep it up with the colorfull dresses. You look fab in them, and maybe keeps you away from winterblues!

  7. If I’m really short on time, I’ll choose online over bricks-and-mortar shopping. It’s easy to jump onto the sales section of a site, put of bunch of things in my basket, edit at the end and then check out. I also find it easier to stay focused online. On another note, I really like the way you’ve worn this dress with ankle boots – as well as winter-ising it, it gives a really cool vibe.

      1. I should probably add though that in Australia, we just don’t have the kind of crazy deep-discounting that you guys are lucky enough to experience in store (for example, a $14 dress at our equivalent of Banana Republic just would not happen, ever). So my idea of “bargain” might be a little different but I still think online has plenty of pros. I’ll be curious to see which sites you like…

      2. Interesting! The online stores here seem to actually have less discounts than the actual stores, but there’s plenty of sites I really haven’t had a chance to visit often enough to say whether or not there are good discounts!

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