dancing pants (and shoes)

I have no idea why these pants feel like dancing pants, but they just do. In the bleak midwinter, I always welcome brights, neons, and anything to liven up the overcast days (as you could see from my last post). After all, sometimes we have to carry our own sunshine with us, right? These are myContinue reading “dancing pants (and shoes)”

mix and match

I decided to go full-blown mix and match today, and let me tell you, readers, I really need to be doing this more often! It’s super fun to reach in your closet and just pull out some pieces in a similar color palette and voila, the easiest outfit you’ve had to put together all week.Continue reading “mix and match”

living in layers

I’m not entirely sure how to explain this outfit, except to say that I got slightly overzealous with my layering. I don’t know if it’s the snow, the cold, or the lack of sun, but I think I’m subconsciously trying to create a fashionable and cozy cocoon… “The whistle dropped from the branch’s spindly fingers like a blackContinue reading “living in layers”

black and white (and a blizzard)

Forgive the delay in posts, readers; we’ve been digging out of a winter blizzard over here! The snow is up to my height in many parts of the city, which is saying a lot because I normally wear pretty tall heels. As we slowly dig our way out, I send my thoughts to all thoseContinue reading “black and white (and a blizzard)”

causal and chic friday

I know my Friday is off to a good start when I’m in my favorite Friday “work uniform.” I don’t have an actual work uniform, but I seem to always end up in denim shirts and skirts on Fridays. Toss in some sweater tights, and it’s a full blown casual Friday party. And, of course,Continue reading “causal and chic friday”

cozy colors

With all of the tasks that generally need to be completed in January, and all of the resolutions to be made, for me, there’s nothing better than a cozy outfit with a cozy cup of tea. As one of my favorite quotes says, “There’s absolutely no reason to be rushed along with the rush.” ThankContinue reading “cozy colors”

true blue (and black and white)

If I had to pick a power color (or a color I wear most frequently), I would have to say it’s blue. There’s something about the theme and variation on blue tones that just rock my world, especially on a cold Monday. While writing my post, I looked up “blue quotes” and found this lovelyContinue reading “true blue (and black and white)”

beautiful bird’s eye view

“Birds-eye view Awake the stars ’cause they’re all around you Wide eyes will always brighten the blue Chase your dreams And remember me, sweet bravery ‘Cause after all those wings will take you up so high So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind And take to the sky” -Owl City Top:Continue reading “beautiful bird’s eye view”

eye on elizabeth and james

Having grown up watching Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in my life for years. (Side note: I’m sure they probably are annoyed with the Full House references. So, I’m sorry, ladies, if you’re reading this). Anywho, I’ve had my eye on their two lines: The Row and Elizabeth & James for yearsContinue reading “eye on elizabeth and james”

marsala and the wooly mammoth

I think the title of this post sounds like a children’s fairy tale, except the story of this vest isn’t long enough to be a story, let alone a fairy tale. Nonetheless, here’s my tale: once upon a time (last week), I went to the magical Anthropologie sale (40% off sale items). I chanced uponContinue reading “marsala and the wooly mammoth”

safari dress in the sun

After recovering from the flu last week, I was feeling better just in time for a “heat wave” (45 degrees) and sunshine. Perhaps more importantly, the week brought sunshine in other unexpected ways: visits with friends, meeting new people, and a (finally!) cleaned out closet. I love weeks that end up better than we couldContinue reading “safari dress in the sun”

forever forward (with neverest outfitters)

I’ve always been a person who relies on my instinct and intuition in life. …sometimes to a fault. For example, when I claim I don’t like a store because I don’t like the way it “feels” inside. …yeah, I’m that person. But let’s move on from that, and focus on when instinct and intuition areContinue reading “forever forward (with neverest outfitters)”