totally target (dress)


Oh man. Target. Let’s face it. It’s really hard to get out of Target with just one item. How much time do I spend in the dollar section before I even make it to the rest of the store? Now, I find myself strolling through the women’s clearance clothing racks before I make it to the grocery/cleaning supplies/actual necessities section. One such stop resulted in this great dress marked down to $10. I swapped out the belt it came with (photo below), jazzed it up with another belt I had at home and a clutch. Totally Target style.

Dress: WhoWhatWear for Target ($10 marked down from $10)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $60)

Clutch: Reed for Kohl’s ($5 marked down from approx $30)

Necklace: gift

Tights & shoes: (so long ago, I can’t remember!)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’m a fan of swapping out a “generic” or “standard” belt for a statement belt to jazz up a dress. I think a custom belt adds a little edgier or more custom look to any dress. You can see both belts in the above photo.

2) I would definitely gentle wash and hang dry most dresses and thinner fabric items from Target. It’s really easy to underestimate wear and dry from washing and drying items, but if you want clothes to last (especially when you aren’t sure about the quality), I definitely recommend minimal washing and drying wear and tear. I also tend to wear long sleeve t-shirts under dresses in winter just to add a layer of extra warmth and to minimize any staining from lotions (a necessity in winter), perfume, and deodorant, which also cuts down on heavy washing needs.

Anyone else liking Target style lately? I hope everyone has a lovely rest of their week! Thanks for stopping by, readers!

totally turtle(neck)


I have very actively avoided turtlenecks for at least two decades. I mean, just the name: turtleneck. It’s just…not a good name. But lately I’ve had a lot of turtleneck envy (seriously, can we look into a name change on this item of clothing?). Anyway, turtlenecks seem to have taken a turn for the chic lately.

After I saw a few people styling them so chicly, I took the plunge. I purchased my very own turtleneck from the Gap. It’s long, relaxed, cozy, warm, and so versatile. Honestly, I’m going to challenge myself to layer this turtleneck all winter and see how many ways I can wear it. Who says people don’t change? Certainly not this turtleneck wearing Huntress.

Turtleneck: Gap ($15 marked down from $35)

Dress: c/o Oasap

Leggings: (sorry can’t remember!)

Boots: Crown Vintage via DSW ($45 marked down from $120)

Coat: Ann Taylor ($88 marked down from $268)

Necklace: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)

Life lately is…watching trees transition from fall to winter, crafting a sew-mage to Frida Kahlo and a family friend having given me her pair of Tieks!

never tutu much tulle (+monthlymani!)


Wow, time is flying by and Thanksgiving is almost here! Because this time of year becomes so very busy, I find myself trying to slooooowww down when I can. I had the perfect opportunity to slow down, when I looked out my window and saw this very foggy morning; I just had to take a moment to enjoy it and snap a few shots.

Top: H&M (so old, can’t remember anymore!)

Skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s ($30 marked down from $64) on sale here

Belt: Urban Outfitters (so old, can’t remember anymore!)

Necklace: J Crew ($70 marked down from $150)

Boots: Express ($20 marked down from approx $70)

Jacket: Banana Republic via thrift ($10 marked down from approx $300)

Bag: Reed for Kohl’s ($25 marked down from $120) on sale here

It’s that time again: #monthlymani time! Our theme this month was Golden Harvest for Thanksgiving! Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out her fabulous gold and glam mani too! I hope everyone has a great and, hopefully, restful week!

glitter and ruffles galore


Glitter and ruffles. Sigh. I’m always sold on glitter and ruffles. I took these photos before I left for our honeymoon, but we are very fortunate it’s still remained quite warm in Chicago, so the look still applies. Fingers crossed fall continues to last…

Top: J Crew ($40 marked down from $60) on sale here

Pants: J Crew (approx $30 marked down from approx $100)

Glitter heels: Ann Taylor Loft ($20 marked down from approx $120)

Cuff: Hermes (gift)

Photos above are life lately! I’ve been eyeing the Kate Spade glitter posts for over a year, so I decided to finally get them- I happily wear them all the time. There are also more fall photos, because I just can’t get enough!

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”
― John DonneThe Complete Poetry and Selected Prose

happy halloween!

What a delay in posting, readers! I am sorry for the longer than planned delay…but I have good reason! …I was on my honeymoon! Yes, my husband and I got married last year, but we decided to take our honeymoon for our first anniversary. So, we packed our bags and headed to southern Germany and Austria. Some highlights from the trip are below!

Doesn’t it just look like a fairytale?! We really enjoyed our trip, though unfortunately I got quite sick upon our return (hence another week delay in posting). But, I’m back! And just in time for Halloween and the #MonthlyMani. This month’s theme was a Halloween movie; of course, I picked Nightmare Before Christmas, which is one of my most favorite movies! Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out her Halloween movie themed #monthlymani too!

Happy Halloween, readers! And thanks for your patience while I was out! See you again soon! XO

banana (republic) on a budget


As I mentioned in my last post, today I’m talking about making a killing at Banana Republic. September is the time to go if you’re looking to get the best deals on past season clothes (which can totally be worn in fall and winter, if you ask me). Okay, so where do you start? In the clearance section, of course. The photo above is of my local store’s clearance section (which is huge because it’s a flagship store, but I think this applies to all BRs).


You want to look for signs like the one above; these sections make your leg work easier. You might be tempted to start at the $29.99 and under sign, but keep looking around, readers. There’s likely a rack that has better deals (normally further back in the store and/or in a corner).


Here we go. I’m starting to feel good about this sale, but I still think we could do better (although, hello, isn’t that front pink and white sequin skirt too fab??).


THIS is where the magic happens. $9.99 and 40% off…most items will be around $6. SOLD. You might be thinking, “oh, the stuff on that rack won’t be that great.” It can be that great, though! Sneak peek below of what I found…look post to follow!


See? Super easy. People often ask how long it takes me to find good deals. The answer is really not long at all; I shopped the BR sale in about a half hour. The trick is being efficient, sticking to a budget, trying everything on (final sale items are not returnable), and only buying what you truly love (not things ‘just because they are a good price’).

TA DA! Last step: run off into the sunset feeling fab about your superhero skills.


Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Until next time!


all for fall (nail edition)

I’ve officially shed my pastel and neon polishes and embraced deep hues for fall! This month’s theme for the #monthlymani is the summer to fall transition! Below you can see this week’s manicure, as well as a few from falls in the past. I chose to do an ombre effect glitter for this week, but you can see in the adjacent photo that  I went with all out glitter last year!

img_0902 img_6602

And below are falls past…summer to fall nails…*swoon* I love the changing of seasons!

Be sure to head over to Kristi to check out her #monthlymani this month; her nail art is fab!

Thanks for stopping by, readers! My next post is almost ready to go…how to hunt for deals at Banana Republic! Stay tuned!