life lately (in fashion)

Well, it’s the holidays, so the usual increase in tasks and work has arrived again! I still managed to snap a few pics of life lately (aka what I was wearing lately). The top photo is my debut of my new arm tights from Spanx. They are fabulous and are helping me transition my springContinue reading “life lately (in fashion)”

black and white bold

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? -Percy Bysshe Shelley Top: thrift ($3) Skirt: gift! Jacket: Milly via ThredUp ($18, retails for approx $450) Leggings: TJ Maxx ($5 marked down from $20) Shoes: DSW (can’t remember! few years ago…) I tried out the new Orly Breathable polish, which is a nail treatment and color;Continue reading “black and white bold”

little red riding coat

Into the woods- It’s time, and so I must begin my journey. -Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim Top and pants: Shechet (custom, sadly not for sale anymore despite their awesomeness) Jacket: Milly via ThredUp ($18, retails for approx $450) Boots: Crown Vintage via DSW ($45 marked down from $120)

happy heart day!

Happy heart day, readers! I’m thrilled to run with a theme- are you surprised? So, I pulled out my heart button down and new red Milly coat I got online at ThredUp. As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, this was the item that I really love that I got at Thred up.Continue reading “happy heart day!”

another year…blogaversary and birthday!

It’s about that time again- I’m celebrating my blogaversary and birthday! When I think back over the past few years, it’s amazing how many things have changed since I started the Fashion Huntress. Despite all these changes, the one constant has been the endlessly positive support of the people around me, including, you, the readersContinue reading “another year…blogaversary and birthday!”

totally torn

A Fashion Huntress first: nighttime photos! I got home a little too late for daylight photos, so I gave night photos a try. As promised in my last post, here is the Tory Burch dress I got from ThredUp. Of course, right after I took these photos, one of the buttons fell off the dress completelyContinue reading “totally torn”

stop and smell the roses

I’m feeling much better this week, readers; thanks for the well wishes! I have so many things on my mind for the new year- in a good way! With the encouragement and support of my family, I’ve worked on making changes to my schedule to enable me to seek a little more balance. I think it’sContinue reading “stop and smell the roses”

very merry, glitzy and bright (#monthlymani)

Woo hoo! The holidays are in full swing- which does mean busy busy, but also means traditions, family, friends, and lots of merriment ❤ Happy holidays, all! Dress: Ann Taylor Loft via thrift store  ($2, retails for approx $150) Vest: Nordstrom Rack ($40) Leggings: TJ Maxx ($4) Necklace: J Crew Factory ($16 marked down fromContinue reading “very merry, glitzy and bright (#monthlymani)”

snowy (sweater) weather

We’ve gotten quite a bit of snow lately, as you can see from my photos! I have an annoying (to me) fear of driving in snow, but am feeling hopeful that I can overcome it this year! My husband is definitely encouraging me to drive whenever it starts to snow so he can help meContinue reading “snowy (sweater) weather”

totally turtle(neck)

I have very actively avoided turtlenecks for at least two decades. I mean, just the name: turtleneck. It’s just…not a good name. But lately I’ve had a lot of turtleneck envy (seriously, can we look into a name change on this item of clothing?). Anyway, turtlenecks seem to have taken a turn for the chicContinue reading “totally turtle(neck)”

refresh and renew

Woo hoo! Well, my closet is slowly being organized and unpacked in our new place and it’s so much easier to FIND THINGS! Ha, what a novelty, right? There’s something really fun (at least to me) about starting over and organizing yourself afresh. Pull out the label maker, some music, and a little spare time-Continue reading “refresh and renew”

lucky leap year

Since yesterday was Leap Day, I’ve been thinking about Leap Years today. Apparently the history of Leap Day goes back centuries (who knew?!), and historically has been about women taking “non-traditional roles,” often in terms of asking a man to marry her or out on a date. While this idea feels a little antiquated inContinue reading “lucky leap year”