calm & centered (leave your tip!)

Readers, I’ve been taking blogging a bit easy lately, since I’ve been extra focused on work and finding a sense of balance in my day to day ebb and flow. Things have a way of getting out of balance quickly and I find it’s a constant effort to feel like I’ve got everything calm andContinue reading “calm & centered (leave your tip!)”

patience in patterns

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. –A.A. Milne Top: New York and Company ($15 marked down from approx $70) Skirt: Joa via Bloomingdale’s ($20 marked down from $80) Shoes: Kohl’s ($23 marked down from $55) This is the perfect time to snag summer deals! The best bikinis andContinue reading “patience in patterns”

full on flounce

Flouncy sleeves are everywhere right now, and I’m all in. I found this top at Zara, but the style is really easily found in a lot of stores right now. I’ve had my eye on basically every item Johanna Ortiz creates…but will settle for ready to wear versions, as her dream creations are out ofContinue reading “full on flounce”

snowy (sweater) weather

We’ve gotten quite a bit of snow lately, as you can see from my photos! I have an annoying (to me) fear of driving in snow, but am feeling hopeful that I can overcome it this year! My husband is definitely encouraging me to drive whenever it starts to snow so he can help meContinue reading “snowy (sweater) weather”

totally turtle(neck)

I have very actively avoided turtlenecks for at least two decades. I mean, just the name: turtleneck. It’s just…not a good name. But lately I’ve had a lot of turtleneck envy (seriously, can we look into a name change on this item of clothing?). Anyway, turtlenecks seem to have taken a turn for the chicContinue reading “totally turtle(neck)”

glitter and ruffles galore

Glitter and ruffles. Sigh. I’m always sold on glitter and ruffles. I took these photos before I left for our honeymoon, but we are very fortunate it’s still remained quite warm in Chicago, so the look still applies. Fingers crossed fall continues to last… Top: J Crew ($40 marked down from $60) on sale here Pants:Continue reading “glitter and ruffles galore”

structural with a smile

I remember bell shaped sleeves being “a thing” back when I was in junior high. I’m sure this structure detail has been on and off trend for decades now, long before I was even a wee Huntress. I’m thrilled to see the shape back in style again…it reminds me of oh so many memories. I’mContinue reading “structural with a smile”

not so long list

When faced with some balance and time off, I find I often scramble to get to everything “on the list.” You know that list. THE list. Yeah, I’m over that list. I’m trying to take my own advice and sloooooooow down. The other day, I did just that. Slowed down on my drive home toContinue reading “not so long list”

sun sun sun here we come

“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it’s all right.” -Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles Top: Banana Republic ($15, marked down from approx $80) Blazer: Lauren Conrad via thrift ($3, retails for approx $65) Jeans: Levi’s ($88) Necklace: from travels to Nantucket Shoes: Banana Republic ($15, marked down from approxContinue reading “sun sun sun here we come”

flower power

  While I love florals, I’m not a huge daisy print fan…until this shirt. This Sea top had me swooning- and even more once I tried it on. I’m officially a daisy fan and flower child now. Flower power, indeed. Silk top: Sea via Nordstrom Rack ($40 marked down from approx $300) Skirt: Soprano viaContinue reading “flower power”

slowly strolling

Since I’ve been working on “letting go and letting be,” I did the unthinkable during my work day…I went for a walk. A real live walk. And then…I stopped and looked at the river and skyline…and stood there looking. Below is a photo from said walk. Small victories, people. Learning to relish the small thingsContinue reading “slowly strolling”

seeing sequins

If a favorite color can be sequins or glitter, then that would be mine. I finally was able to find a way to style it for work; the results were nothing short of pure joy…at least for me! Summer is finally here and I’m ready for it-! In sequins, of course. Sequin top: J CrewContinue reading “seeing sequins”