wooly loopy returns

I don’t know about any of my fellow bloggers, but one of the comments I hear most frequently is, “oh, I LOVE THAT! ….but I could never wear it.” I always like to explore this with others when I hear it. What specifically stops you from wearing something? Shoes, certainly, have limitations for many people.Continue reading “wooly loopy returns”

nifty nails

Can we get real about something for a minute, readers? Nail decals and nail art. I’m a fan. Neither are super easy for me to apply (probably because I don’t have super steady hands) but, I LOVE jazzy nail art and don’t always feature it here on my blog! Close up, sometimes they struggle, butContinue reading “nifty nails”

board game blues

“WOW! That dress! You look like a board game!” -my friend, Eve You know, readers. I’ll take it. I guess it sort-of does look like a board game. And with the comment coming from a close friend and confidante, I think this dress simply must be the board game blues. Minus the blues. All theContinue reading “board game blues”

totally toile (aka resale redo)

If there’s one thing I can rarely turn down it’s snacks (generally cheese and carbs), discount shopping, naps…and toile. I’m a sucker for anything toile printed, which really is no surprise. A fabric that features pastoral romantic scenes repeatedly? Sold. The other day when I stopped quickly into a resale shop, I found a somewhatContinue reading “totally toile (aka resale redo)”

mixed musings in mustard (tights)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about comfort levels when wearing certain outfits and stepping out of our fashion box (you know, my whole “new version of you” kick for 2014). Thus, in the spirit of “does this outfit make sense,”I wore another random ensemble: mustard tights, printed skirt, and cranberry silk top. What is it aboutContinue reading “mixed musings in mustard (tights)”

hounding after spring in houndstooth

In a rare bout of warmth, I was able to dash outside to take a few photos. I think we are all hoping that Spring, and the promise of the season of new beginnings, is around the corner. I’d have more to say, but I’d likely tell you all again the story of these shoes,Continue reading “hounding after spring in houndstooth”

searching for spring

In my continued efforts to strongly encourage Spring to come to Chicago, I’m trying to wear bright colors as much as possible. Admittedly, I don’t think this strategy is working…but I’m trying nonetheless. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, so I’ll leave you to the photos, readers! Dress: Issa for Banana Republic ($14 markedContinue reading “searching for spring”

loving leopard (rings)

Speaking of “new version of you” in 2014 (see last post), I found a really interesting ring at Express the other day. It wasn’t really my “usual” style, but something about this leopard ring really spoke to me. I’ve seen a ton of animal cuffs, necklaces, and rings in the past, but haven’t really foundContinue reading “loving leopard (rings)”

california dreaming

Hello, lovely readers and fellow huntresses! My apologies for delays on posts this week! I am out in sunny California for work and a mini vacation. Believe it or not, I pride myself on being a light packer when traveling. I think all the years of my parents telling me, “just remember, you’ll be carryingContinue reading “california dreaming”

(glitter) fancy in fall

Okay, I think anyone who reads this blog (or has seen my kitchen) knows that I am pretty much obsessed with fall fashion and fall snacks. I probably need a pumpkin intervention. That’s right. My name is the Fashion Huntress, and I’m obsessed with all things fall. You can only imagine how I feel whenContinue reading “(glitter) fancy in fall”

workin’ for (and during) the weekend

  Well, readers, it’s the time again. Sunday night means returning to work tomorrow. As you know, I don’t normally post my weekend clothes, as this blog is dedicated mostly to budget friendly work attire.  However, I actually work weekends and because I work in a private office on the weekends, I tend to wearContinue reading “workin’ for (and during) the weekend”

fantastically faux

With the heat wave continuing here in Chicago, I decided to continue embracing summer looks…seeing as how the weather is giving us little choice! As I did with my outfit yesterday, I added long sleeves to make this look a bit more transitional looking versus strictly a summer look. Since it’s not really fall, I’veContinue reading “fantastically faux”