controlled chaos


“Start every day as though it’s on purpose.” -Hitch

I mean, maybe that quote came from another source, but I know it from the movie Hitch.  For some reason, that concept really resonates with me. I have a dear colleague and friend who told me that every morning she puts two feet on the floor and says, “Thank you for letting me walk another day.” …Wow. Right? Now that is starting the day on purpose.  Well, we all know that the Fashion Huntress is a blog about fashion (and life, but mostly fashion). So, in true Huntress style, let’s talk about how this applies to fashion. Well, my sister called me yesterday and explained that she had worn an outfit to work that she didn’t really like and she felt like it just put a damper on her day and the tone of day. Yes. I hear that. I really do. When I am in an “I give up” outfit or I’m rushed to get ready and didn’t lay out my outfit the night before, my day is started with a not so great tone. I just didn’t start the day like it was on purpose.  Some may say I’m an overthinker (guilty as charged), but I’ve given that idea a lot of thought. I think getting up, getting dressed, liking what you wear, having something to eat/drink, and a grateful attitude, all contribute to starting the day like you mean it. When the rest of the day is generally chaos, I think a little bit of control and intention goes a long way. I think we need some semblance of control to be able to best cope with whatever else comes our way.  Often, I think that takes the form of deciding what to wear, what we project to the day, and frankly, what we project to ourselves. Alas, the Fashion Huntress is not a master of this process….but you can bet I’ll be striving to wake up everyday like it was on purpose. This outfit is my best version of controlled chaos- a mix of colors, patterns, and textures that is slightly chaotic, but also completely on purpose.

Sweater: Banana Republic ($7 marked down from $100)
Button down: Gap ($7 marked down from $50)
Skirt: Gap ($5 marked down from approx $50)
Tights: Limited (old, maybe $10)
Ankle boots: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)
Necklace: vintage via resale ($6)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) Gap has one serious sale going on right now. Pants were marked down to $5-$6, as were a lot of tops and shoes. My skirt was $5 and that price was pretty much standard in the store. So, if you’re around a Gap, I recommend checking it out! In more confusing online versus in-store issues, I found a dress that was $50 in the store, but $20 online (the reverse of what I normally see!).  The salesperson told me that they don’t match their online prices to the store. So, it’s official, readers. It pays to look online and in the store for items, or just ask in the store if the price is lower online and save yourself some time!
2) Pattern mix-ups and color mash-ups are pretty much my happy place for getting dressed in the morning.  When I think through the outfits a little more than, “I like how this looks together,” I notice a pattern. For example, all the colors in this outfit are either neutral (black) or shades of blue and green. You can totally power clash, if you want to! Stick with one color palette, or color hues (ex. pastels or jewel tones), and then keep everything else neutral. When I doubt, I always just add black or denim as my neutral pieces. I plan on doing a power clashing post soon- but I’ve been saving up enough photos to do so! Stay tuned- that should hopefully be up soon.
Anyone else have tips for mixing and matching colors and patterns? Happy mid-week, readers! And thank you so much for stopping by and hanging with me!

26 replies to “controlled chaos

  1. The colors all work really well together though..however I really cannot pull off checkered with are bold my lady and kudos to you for that..also on days I am rushed, ironically I pull out some of my best outfits..heh..interesting how mind works eh..

  2. There’s method in your madness! Your chaos has harmony. I know what you mean about a bad outfit ruining your day. I used to throw anything on and go, now I stare and squint and turn and think…and then yell “Holy feck, late AGAIN!!” 🙂

  3. Love the stripe skirt! I was just about to say that your outfit is very bold, but at the same time, they go well together. I guess sticking to the same color tone while playing with patterns achieve the controlled chaos that you were saying.

    I totally understand how not wearing something you like would ruin your day. Sometimes I lay out the outfits I am to wear the next day just to avoid that feeling since it is something within our control 🙂

    Patty |

  4. Im impressed how you can find clothes with so cheap price and great quality, It’s your talent! I love your sweater whatever it’s so cool! I’m deeply touched by words of your friend “thank you for letting me walk another day” !!! Why I never told this, but definetly I’ll start right now!

  5. A wonderful quote along with some great style insight–and totally agree…
    when we purposefully make the effort to look and feel our best…
    we nurture the woman we are and strive to be~

  6. love how your blog combines bits of life philosophy with fashion – such a fun way to think about thinks and get all kinds of excited for what to wear (as in, heading over to gap to check out that sale right now)

  7. I work at Gap and we are trained to do what is best for the customer so that is strange that you were told you would not be able to price match the online price for the same item in store. Definitely ask to speak to a manager about the issue next time you are in there because that is something that any employee should know that we honor. Love the outfit tho and would have never thought of the combinations you put together. 🙂

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