bright white and neon

“We will be more successful in all our endeavors if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living.” Thich Nhat Hanh Dress: Diane von Furstenberg ($20 marked down from $150) Blazer: Badgley MischkaContinue reading “bright white and neon”

silky and springy

Hi, readers! Thank you so much for all of the warm wishes for my vacation! After a seriously magical trip to Disney World with my family, I am back in Chicago and back to work. Sigh, I definitely miss the most magical place on Earth, but I think I’ve stocked up on enough magic toContinue reading “silky and springy”

forward focus: 2015 (and a flashback)

Well, it’s about that time, readers: time to focus on goals for 2015. I mean it, I really mean it, this year, I’m going to clean out my closet and keep my “donate” pile going! I’m also going to try and finally get my dry cleaning to the cleaners (versus hanging out in the trunkContinue reading “forward focus: 2015 (and a flashback)”

nearly new year

It’s hard to believe that many of the holidays have already passed and now New Years is just around the corner…with all the chaos, joy, running around, sparkles, and all-around holiday haze, I’ll make this one short and sweet: this is my “it’s nearly New Year!?” outfit. 2015, here we come… Sweater: Maje via NordstromContinue reading “nearly new year”

happy pre-holiday

I’m generally in the camp of limiting a lot of holiday spirit before Thanksgiving, but lately I just can’t stop myself! I’m already listening to holiday music and putting up holiday decorations. Poor Thanksgiving. But you can’t really get into a Thanksgiving themed outfit quite like you can a holiday themed outfit (ie lots ofContinue reading “happy pre-holiday”

all for fall

Back when I was just a wee Huntress, I used to have a book called “All for Fall.” I’m pretty sure the book was about jumping in leaves and generally enjoying fall. Maybe that’s where my love of all things fall began. Either way, I am definitely all for fall as an adult: fall colors, throwingContinue reading “all for fall”

painted and patterned

Oh, readers, it is that beloved time again: Fashion Week! I’ve been loving all of the the street style posts; seriously, could the attendees look any cooler? And the shows….swoon. So many amazing show posts.  And, of course, last but certainly not least, the September issues are all gloriously out and include hundreds of pagesContinue reading “painted and patterned”

power suit/power clash

Some days, even though my job doesn’t really call for it, I just really want to rock a power suit..and not just a power suit, I want to power clash in a power suit. While I don’t envy people who have to wear them everyday, I like the option of sporting the look occasionally. Well,Continue reading “power suit/power clash”

safari chic

Even though it’s no longer the weekend, my mind was clearly still dreaming of vacation, as someone pointed out to me that I looked ready for a safari today in my outfit. I was feeling all sorts of safari chic which, I think, makes sense. After all, whether it be the urban jungle, the generalContinue reading “safari chic”

short and sweet in summer

For those of us in the US, this is a short work week due to the 4th of July, which means I’m dressing fairly casually all week long. I may just show-up in sweats by the end of the week. Just kidding, just kidding (sort-of). In keeping with the shortened theme of the week, I’mContinue reading “short and sweet in summer”

rocking a frock

We all know by now that I’m a dreamer who has a borderline questionable relationship to clothing and fashion, so it’s no surprise that when I thrifted this dreamy vintage frock (oh yeah, it’s a frock), I heard it calling out that it wanted to be worn and be loved anew. It’s perhaps one ofContinue reading “rocking a frock”

day dreamin’ (aka up, up and away)

When it’s June, 70 degrees, and breezy, I always think of school year summer vacations. You remember those days…waking up when you want, maybe heading to a summer job, reading outside, going out for ice cream and long drives….sigh. I’m a romantic at heart, as you all know. I love the idea of hanging outContinue reading “day dreamin’ (aka up, up and away)”