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I’m a huge fan of designers, in general, but a few of them really have my heart. Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the designers that really has my heart, my respect, and my admiration. Having started her company in the 1970s, she invented the wrap dress in 1974. Wrap your brain around that, readers. The wrap dress didn’t exist before she came up with the concept. What? …Wow. The most universally flattering dress design (if you ask me) came out of her brain. Aside from that, she’s had a life that always made me think, “wow…nothing will stop her.” I always heard that you “feel like a lady in a DVF wrap dress.” Well, I’m here to confirm that, readers. That woman has some serious talent! If you want to read more about her and her life, you can read more here.

Here are some of my favorite DVF quotes:

“Personal style is accepting who you are.”

“Attitude is everything.”

“You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.”

Diane, girl, if you are reading this (erm…a wee bit unlikely), shout-out to you and your fab self.


Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg via consignment ($35, retails for approx $400)

Shoes: Moschino via consignment ($24 marked down from approx $400)

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s (approx $10 on sale)

Tights: Simply Vera, Vera Wang for Kohl’s ($7 marked down from $14)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, if you are all about finding great designer pieces at a good price, I strongly suggest consignment. I found this dress just hanging out on the “designer” rack in a consignment store outside of Chicago. The dress was marked at $60, but was on sale, so I got it for $35. I know, it’s hard to believe, but even resale and consignment shops have sales! Ask the shop owners what their policies are for pricing and sales. I know whenever I’ve asked, I’ve been shocked! Deals on top of deals!? Fashion Huntress heaven. I bought the dress and brought it to my local dry cleaner- and ta da! Ready to go!

2) Kohl’s. Let’s have a moment. So, I have not ever lived very near a Kohl’s, which has limited my ability to report on their clothes. However, I visited one recently and, wow, they have a lot of designer collections there! I wasn’t super impressed with their prices, to be honest, but they have a LOT of sales and coupons there. The Simply Vera line had great dresses that were still about $70-$90. Eh. But, on sale and with coupons? The dresses were much more accessible, price-wise. I think it’s definitely worth a visit and you can sign up for their coupons in advance here.

Anyone else have Kohl’s tips? Feedback on their lines?

Happy Monday, readers! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week and thank you so much for stopping by!

27 replies to “divine diane

  1. I had no idea she invented the wrap dress! What a genius! Definitely universally flattering 🙂 I love Kohl’s so much, if not for the constant sales/coupons, for the sheer variety of clothing!

  2. I love this dress! Can’t believe it was only $35! I’m a frequent shopper at Kohl’s and I love them! I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad’s brand carried there. The great thing about Kohl’s is that you can use a percentage off coupon AND a dollar off coupon (if you have one). I just bought an adorable dress that was originally $60 and I got it for $20!

    Their clearance is also really good online….I would check it out!

  3. I always find items marked down 60-90%, plus if you take advantage of Kohl’s cash and the coupons they send out, you can get some great deals! They have a pretty lenient return policy, too. Lovely DVF, btw!

  4. Wow!!! Brown never looked this good on anyone!! U nailed this outfit, and what to say of DVF , she makes the most flattering of dresses for any women’s body!! You look stunning with the white tights!! I used to shop a lot at khols, that has since died down a bit for me now …

  5. “The wrap dress is flattering to a body and safe to wear. It is a woman’s “best friend” ever!” ~Diane von Fürstenberg
    What a great dress you found…
    and at such a great price!!
    A new fabulous “best friend” ~xo

  6. Can I just say, love the wrap dress, I have an orange one and it’s weird it’s from target but I think about her when I put it on, the universe was trying to tell me something. 🙂 Love the brown and orange combo. Those tights are super cute! I see you made it to a Khols! Hehe. xoxo
    Fashion & Fitness: http://lifestylefinesse.com/

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