a pretty penny


With temperatures back up above zero, I’m happily taking my photos outside again! In addition to my outdoor joy, I bring to you today, readers, the penny skirt. Yes, the skirt I somehow managed to get at Nordstrom Rack for a penny. Apparently when items are marked down to be taken out of the store and donated, they are marked down to a penny and cleared from the floor. However, occasionally a penny item accidentally remains on the floor. Since it had a tag on it, the store was still obligated to sell it. I never knew any of this! Oh, the things we learn! So, this skirt will henceforth be known as “the penny skirt.” A pretty penny indeed…and a penny for your thoughts on this Monday. I hope it was a warm and cozy one.


Top: Express ($17 marked down from $40)
Skirt: Nordstrom Rack (one penny, marked down from $48)
Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)
Tights: Target (approx $7)
Necklace: vintage via resale ($6)
Shoes: Aubrey Brooke at DSW ($12 marked down from $99)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I love that you can now shop Nordstrom Rack online. If you’re interested in other variations of this skirt, it is still available online via this link: https://www.nordstromrack.com/brands/Bobeau (and for $14!). They also have their “even more reduced items” via their clearance section online at: https://www.nordstromrack.com/clearance/Women/Clothing. Don’t forget to look into their debit card point system; it’s well worth signing up and you can do so without opening a credit card!
2) I last featured this breezy “summer” top on the blog (below) in spring. With a cardigan, a skirt, tights, and layers, this top easily becomes an all-season top. For silky, sheer, year round tops, I really like Banana Republic, Express, and J Crew. I think the prices tend to be best at Banana Republic when they have a sale on their sale items, and the quality is top notch. Then, keep out your silky and sheer tops year round!

 Anyone else know about the penny items?? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much! I hope everyone had a great Monday!

34 replies to “a pretty penny

  1. Love the penny skirt! I can’t believe you managed to find this steal. I had heard of the penny items, but i can never find any. I guess I will continue to look for them.

  2. WHAT!!! that must be your craziest cheapest find yet! and i super love it! (such a classic story, me ogling at your super cheap finds which are not coincidentally also super awesome. sigh.)

  3. Wow! That is a gorgeous skirt, but for a penny that is unbelievable! If I had that skirt, I think I would just go around telling everyone who would listen (and anyone who wouldn’t) that I got it for a penny and that it was penny skirt and that it’s amazing haha! Awesome score!! 😉

  4. O.M.G !!!!! it is S0000, Pretty on….. you !!!! & for what U paid for it…. I think? U might already know what we are all saying/thinking,,,, as a few of those sayings go,,,, A penny for your thoughts or: finding a penny with the heads up brings *Luck,,,, good for U Mellissa !!!!! wear it with the *BEST of ** LUCK !!!!! NICE Post,,,, Kelly 🙂

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