limitless pattern layering


We’ve had a few hazy and rainy days here lately, which has led to some cool looking “hazy photos.” You know where I’m headed with this, right? I’m a total dreamer at heart, and I love the hazy/dreamlike pictures my photographer, G, captured here. Hazy rainy days always feel like a day to cozy down and dream. …though, let’s face it, rainy days are normally spent at work. Oh well, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about fashion and photos, among other things (like winning the lottery and buying up the newest Burberry collection). In this hazy and rainy day look, I layered three different patterns, because, why not? Fashion is completely limitless and certainly can involve a lot of dreaming.

Denim top: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $40)
Pants: Jones New York at TJ Maxx ($17 marked down from $74)
Shoes: BCBG via DSW ($11 marked down from approx $100)
Tassel necklace: DIY
Ring: Trip to Venice, Italy, many years ago
Bracelet: (gift)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I used to shy away from trying to find pants at places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, because I feel like I don’t know my size when it varies from brand to brand. However, I’ve found that it’s not really all that hard to go through their pants selection and guess your size range. I usually look through 1-2 sizes up from my “standard” size and 1-2 sizes down, and then pick out pants from there. This may sound time consuming, but I’ve found that you can manage looking through those sizes in about a half hour. I’ve found that it’s definitely worthwhile, because the pant prices there can be really affordable (<$20). So, if you used to be like me, maybe give it another try! I also know many people who shop the “teen” section and find pants that fit adults without any issues- you just need to potentially size up a bit. 
2) Speaking of pants, I love shopping for pants (and basically anything else) at Nordstrom Rack. I received an email the other day about their rewards program and “points days.” Umm, what? So, I looked up their “points calendar” and saw that their point system has special days when you earn additional points. You can find the points calendar here.
Additionally, remember that Nordstrom and Nordstrom Racks are two of the few stores that allow you to have their “card” but you can choose that it’s either a credit card or a debit card, for those who don’t want to open another credit card. You do need to have a card to earn points, but you can open a card via their debit system, which is a great option for those not interested in their credit card. You can find information about both of the cards here.   
Anyone have feedback or tips for shopping for pants at stores that carry a variety of brands, and therefore have various sizes to look through? Thanks for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so much and love your comments and tips!

17 replies to “limitless pattern layering

  1. Lovely pattern and color combo! You look great!
    I’m the same way, I avoid shopping for pants at places like Marshall’s or Winners (tj maxx) because my pant size can be tricky depending on the brand. I wish brands could just make their sizing a little more universal and less of a headache for us!😁

    Xo, Jackie

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