fortuitous find


Last night when I was waiting to meet a friend, I popped into H&M. It just so happens he works next door, I swear! Anyway, after a very disappointing blue shoe search at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I found these gems at H&M, for …wait for it….$10. There were ton of these left at my local H&M, as well as a few other pairs of heels, so definitely go check out your local shop, if you are in the market for blue heels.


They were originally $30, marked down to $10 and in the exact shade I had been looking for the past few weeks.

I paired these fortuitously found blue shoes with my oldie but goodie Vena Cava for Gap dress from 2009. This dress is a wee bit snug these days, but I just cannot bear to part with it because I love it so. I also added my ever faithful black leggings with zippers at the ankles.


I kept my jewelry simple given the busy design of the dress. I wore my long necklace and Coach ring from many years back, as well.


Because I am still breaking the blue shoes in, I had my black kitten heels on hand, as well.


I actually liked the dress with the black heels too, though I preferred the blue while I could tolerate to break them in…what we won’t do for fashion, right?



Dress: Vena Cava for Gap ($20 marked down from $88)

Blue shoes: H&M ($10 marked down from $30)

Leggings: Blue from Filene’s Basement ($4 marked down from approx $20)

*Black shoes: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I searched high and low for a pair of brightly colored blue heels on sale before finding them unexpectedly at H&M. The quality seemed pretty good to me, given that they are reinforced with a thick rubber sole. Thus, the blue shoes seemed like a reasonable heel to me.

If I’m buying a pair of shoes that may not be super high quality, I look to see whether the sole is sturdy or whether it will wear down after walking in them for a bit. Thin rubber, especially in flats, can wear down really quickly. In heels, however, as long as the sole is sturdy, the shoe should hold up just fine, especially with a thick heel. Even with high end flats, I’ve had problems with soles wearing right out (i.e. my Ugg ballet flats), so just look thoroughly at the sole before you purchase them.

2) This dress is a bit on the short side for work. You guys know what I do in those instances, just add leggings or tights! This dress without tights, but with the blue shoes, would definitely not be okay for work. However, I can easily transition the look from day to night by just ditching the tights.

While safari looks have “gone in” and “gone out” and maybe come back in again (?), I have kept this dress through the years. I love it, and end up wearing it every season, regardless of where the safari trend is sitting (in or out). If you love something, keep it! Wear it! And, always, enjoy it!

Thank you for stopping by readers!

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  1. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits. I love the way you paired a neutral tone (with a cool print) with jazzy blue heels.



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