fun fact! (leave yours too!)


Every once in a while it occurs to me that many people know me via my blog, but not much more! I would love love love it if you left a random fact about you in the comments below; there are so many of you that I know via your blogs as well, and I love our virtual community! So, to kick off the random fact party, I’ll share a few! I’ll spare the I ❤ fashion fact, because you all already know that.

I love to read. When I was a kid, my parents read to us nightly and always brought us on trips to the library and the bookstore, which I think created a strong love of books in me. Used bookstores and libraries are probably some of my most favorite places on Earth.

I love label makers. I will label just about anything and everything. My closet is full of labeled bins 🙂 It just makes life easier when you can find whatever you need, whenever you want, right?!

I didn’t always like dogs. When I was a kid, I LOVED animals and learning about them. (You can ask any member of my family about my ongoing love of whales.) When I met my to-be husband, he mentioned he wanted to get a dog. I was so stressed out, I couldn’t imagine caring for a dog. HA! I love our dog to bits now, and will now approach any dog imaginable on the street like a total creep. “CAN I PET YOUR DOG?!”

Dress: c/o Sammydress ($16)

Leave a random fact below- should you so choose! I would love to hear about you, readers!

129 replies to “fun fact! (leave yours too!)

  1. Random fact about me: I absolutely love planning! In other words I have to have everything planned out and my planner is color coded with a key and everything!

  2. I’m an avid bookworm, too! I took books everywhere, from the time I was a baby. When I was a toddler, I used to “break” into my grandparents’ coat closet (where they kept a huge box of my Little Golden Books when I wasn’t there) and “read” the books. They eventually put some string on the end of the light pull so I could turn the light on by myself. The upshot is that I started reading-for-real around my third birthday. Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

      1. ahem,….yes tea snob here too. (full leaf, never bag) but didn’t want to reveal too much at one time. LOL 😉 fave coffee right now? ~ local dark roast Peruvian from our exclusive nano roaster Gilda.

      2. Wow I love everything about this 🙂 that coffee sounds amazing! Hmmm favorite tea….I picked up a homemade blend of loose tea from Puerto Rico that I really loved- it was a tropical theme and really wonderful. But I also love those tea blossoms- are you familiar? It’s a ball that opens up into a flower? I save those for special days! What about you??

      3. PR tea sounds yum. Yes tea blossoms are a lovely experience as is most tea I think. Right now we enjoy a cuppa rolled leaf green tea &jasmine from local co-op. Cold or hot,simple divine. Do you have a fave local tearoom? could be a great photo op spot eh? ~cheers

  3. Random fact: I use to be terrified of dogs and cats. Thankfully I got through my fear and love walking up to them to pet them😍. I love to read too, I have a library that’s getting a bit out of control lol.

  4. Hard to believe that gorgeous dress is only $16. I’ve been wanting to wear more dresses and actually wore one the other day. This dress is one I would LOVE to wear and looks fantastic on you. Let me see …. something about me. When I was 19, I went to Italy and certain parts I just fell in love with and felt as though I had come home. I would love to some day return to live there. No I don’t even know the language and speaking of, it would depend on where I decided to live in order to know the language. There are SO many dialects of Italian that each one is like a separate language. Yep, that is something about me that you know now. 😘

    1. Oh wow- that is a fun fact!!! I’ve only been to Italy once but I really loved it. I could see why you would want to live there 🙂 who knows? Maybe one day!! In the meantime, I’m loving all of your amazing stateside photos :)!! XO

  5. Yes, understand the label maker, plastic bins, and decorative boxes. 😄 We all need help with organization and cleaning out unused items.

  6. Random fact is that I’m a kindergarten teacher. I love the book fact and totally agree! It’s hard to find a teacher who doesn’t also love to read. What have you read that’s good lately?

    1. How fun!! I have a few teachers in my family- I respect that so very much! I recently read Department of Speculation and really loved it; it’s a very unique style of writing. I finished it in a day- LOL! What about you!?

      1. I just read the book Push by Sapphire, and I flew through it. I couldn’t put it down! The movie Precious is based off of this book.

  7. I cannot believe this is a real fact about me, but… I didn’t always like dogs, either! Growing up, my parents were overwhelmed enough with kids and working and all that, so we never had a pet… now I’m hands-down obsessed with dogs. Like, I’m the crazy lady talking to dogs from yards away when I don’t know their owners. It’s fine. 🙂

    1. 🙂 I love both of these facts!!!! I love ice cream year round too!! I’m always the one in the group asking if anyone wants to grab ice cream in the middle of winter- lol! Love that we share this!!! Xo

  8. Random fact : I finished high school this year and I started my own blog so if you want check it out .
    P.S Amazing dress!! It looks great on you 🙂 🙂

  9. Wow I really enjoyed reading this post!
    Hmmm… tbh I’m going on 26 yrs and I’m only barely learning how to be fashionable! Lol maybe a lil bit lame so Ill give another fun fact about myself – I absolutely love pennies.

  10. I’m happiest while sailing. Yacht week and the Ultra festival in Croatia 2015 was the best time of my life!

  11. Random fact that surprises even me: I love working with miniatures in 1:12 scale. It makes me sound like an old lady who always wears purple and has twenty cats. (For the record, neither is true of me.) If you want to be amazed with a creative group of people, check out the world of miniature artists. There’s everything from Historical to Steampunk to Harry Potter. It’s a fun world to explore, even if you don’t want to work with minis.

    On a fashion note- keep up these fabulous posts! I love getting a peek at what you’re wearing when I’m not around. No wonder that closet of yours is a bit crowded (but perfectly organized). 😉❤️

    1. This certainly doesn’t make you sound like an old lady with cats- it makes you sound like a fascinating and creative woman (which you are!). It’s a fun world to explore- and witness and learn about!!

      And oh my…well yes my closet is on the crowded side, but I swear, I did clean out two giant bags worth of clothing in the past two months!! #donate #passon

  12. Dress looks gorgeous! x and random fact is that I speak 4 languages and love to read novels in other languages

  13. that dress is sooo pretty! Random fact about me I met a monstrous man who held me captive, and after two years of torture told me he was going to kill me, he succeeded with me in a clinical death. I live with the consequence of him, I lost the ability to walk, talk, live normally. I was terrified to talk about him until a year ago, No one on social media knows that I spend most of my life in hospitals spinal clinics relearning to walk, to live normally. And when I am strong enough I would like to put out a book about my experience

  14. When I was younger, I hated reading. My parents always read to me and I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t bring myself to read a book by myself. Now I stay up the entire night to finish my book.

  15. I love all animals. Everyone was freaked out when my dad brought home a tarantula as my pet when i wanted a bunny, but i learned that all animals are the same. Theyre just trying to do what they do. I then wanted all sorts of pets like a bearded dragon to a chinchilla. Right now I just have two dogs but theyre a handful!

  16. Nice dress! My random/fun fact would be that I’m actually a part-time undercover unicorn! 🙂 Hope to see more from you soon!

  17. I am a lifestyle and pretty mych anything blogger. Dont know if thats a good thing yet… still trying to gain an empire

  18. I love stationary items, university girl but still go crazy when I enter bookstores.This is something I should do while entering makeup shop but I can’t do. Notebooks, pens, glitters,erasers and a lot more on my study table.

  19. Random fact about me: I love cars. I don’t really understand how they work and I don’t really care. But I love beautiful, expensive cars. To me they are like useable works of art. My current favorite is the new Corvette Stingray. 😍

  20. Such a lovely blog post! Love the way you communicate with your readers! I’ve just done my first blog post finally!! So love posts like this where bloggers communicate!

    Random Fact about me- I’m obssessed with house plants (even though I kill them)

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