free fallin’


Phew! It’s been a bit since my last post, but I needed a break to regroup and focus on one task over another! Most recent evidence of this is when I was trying to do a million things at once, and literally fell while crossing the street. …oh. my. Not only did I lose a little dignity, but I also managed to bruise and scrape a knee, wrist, and shoulder! As my dear friend pointed out (while helping to lift me up), ‘the universe is saying to SLOW DOWN!’ True. Story.  So, I’m slowing down a bit.

In the meantime, I’m also experimenting with new photo formats! Feel free to offer any feedback below!

Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target ($10 marked down from $36)

Blazer: thrift ($5)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)


I’m also wanting to try out the Zaful website, so I would love to hear if you’ve ordered from Zaful in the past!  I’ve had my eye on the trendier picks for the season, like the backless lace dresses  and the halter dresses . There’s also some off the shoulder picks, and some fab embroidered picks! Let me know your Zaful thoughts!

NOLA hurrah – part 1


Y’all (southern style), I am overdue for a post! I apologize for the delay; I was on vacation with my hubs and am now back to work and life! Thanks to lots of sunshine and warmth, I managed to snag some great photos and will post them over the course of the next few posts. I miss the sun, food, people, culture, music, and everything else already! But, everything’s not lost, I’ve got the memories and photos to share…

Dress: Voom via Thred Up ($7 retails for $100)

Shoes: Crocs (seriously, magical for walking 10+miles a day)  ($40 marked down from $60)


hide and seek pink


Maybe it’s the tree, or the general backdrop, but this set of photos definitely made me think of a game of hide and seek…that I’m apparently playing with myself and my tripod. Ha! Either way, With autumn slowly showing its lovely face in Chicago, I’m sneaking in the last of my bold summer colors and dresses. Speaking of transitions, many of you know that I recently transitioned workplaces. This is indeed a summer and, now fall, of transitions. You can see photos of my “going away” shoe cake and taking my last workplace steps with some of my girls below. This is my hide and seek pink- I’m definitely seeking and embracing the future! Thank you for all of your warm wishes!


Dress: TJ Maxx ($7 marked down from approx $50)

Blazer: thrift ($5)

Shoes: Nine West via thrift ($2, retail for $90)

Belt: Nine West via TJ Maxx ($12 marked down from $35)

Necklace: TJ Maxx ($15 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) This dress was sadly hanging on the clearance rack due to a small gap/missing stitches along the seam near the zipper. Hence, the markdown to $7. Missing stitches along a seam are basically the easiest of all alterations! It takes just a few minutes to fix that type of issue- and can be done either by hand or by machine. Not sure if the missing stitches are along a seam? Reach inside the garment and gather the fabric with your fingers. If you are gathering along existing stitches, then you are looking at a 2-5 minute fix! Don’t pass up an “faulty” find if you can fix it…on the other hand, don’t grab something with high hopes of fixing it if it’s not fixable (been there, done that! still hanging in my closet un-fixed!).

2) While this is clearly a very bright “summer dress,” I plan to transition this dress to fall with some tights, and boots! I also think it would be fun to layer it by wearing a sweater over the dress and wearing it as a full skirt. Again, it was likely also on clearance due to being a “summer item” but think outside of the box- and get more wear out of your clothing!

Thanks so much for stopping by readers! Photos from my going-away are below!


the top of my cake; our lovely staff having modeled the shoe after my very own shoe!


shoe that inspired the cake!


last work steps with some of my lovely ladies…now friendship steps await!

spots and stripes (and splashes)


Hum dum, another Monday, readers, right? As far as I’m concerned, the only guaranteed way to jazz up a Monday is with a good outfit and/or good pair of shoes. I may have the Monday blues, but I think sporting a spots and stripes jumper dress look in all blues is the best way to embrace them. …and yes, it sure did start raining during this photo shoot. In the spirit of embracing Monday, I went with it!


Dress: Marc Jacobs via consignment at Buffalo Exchange ($35, retails for approx $1,000+)
Top: Forever 21 via thrift ($3, retails for approx $20)
Shoes: Mia Limited Edition via thrift ($7, retail for approx $150)
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s (approx $10, marked down from approx $30)
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) When shopping any sort of consignment or thrift, I’m always on the lookout for fakes. Sometimes, it’s very easy to spot a faux couture piece, but there is the occasional piece that I’m not sure of. One way to check apparel is to look at the tag, look for the “RN number,” and then look-up the the registered identification number to ensure that the RN is, in fact, the company you believe it is.  
Example from tag of dress featured in this post:
Website to check:
(click on ‘search the database’) 
While I don’t think checking the tag is 100% guarantee that you have an authentic piece, it’s one way to potentially weed out fakes. Another way to check tags a bit more quickly is to do a Google image search of the tags for a particular designer and compare the tag you have to the online pictures. 
2) Jumpers (especially layered jumpers) can get really juvenile looking really quick. I paired this layered jumper look with some serious heels to give it a grown-up feel. Personally, I think this particular styling with flats could look a little school uniform-esque (no offense, Marc Jacobs).  Additionally, full skirt jumpers (ie my favorite kind of jumper) can leave the wearer looking overwhelmed by volume, so heels help streamline the look and add height. The key to younger looking pieces is to style them accordingly. 
Anyone else have designer fakes/faux tips? Thanks for stopping by, readers! I hope everyone has a good start to the week!

yellow sticker steals

photo 3 (8)


Considering the amount of posts in which I feature DSW yellow sticker shoes, I decided I should write about the magical sticker officially.  As you probably know from reading my blog and your own huntress adventures, DSW has a great clearance section.  The amazing part of their clearance section is the color coded discount stickers.  Each specific colored sticker has an additional markdown associated with it.  However, the color coded system does not include their yellow sticker. The yellow sticker means 80% off the clearance price! In my experience, these shoes are generally between $9-$15!

You can look through some of their clearance shoes here:

They also feature bags on their website, but the reductions do not seem as significant as they are in the store. Still, worth a look!

Generally speaking, I have not found many yellow stickers on the weekends. They may get bought up pretty quickly on weekends and perhaps that is why there seems to be less on the weekends.  I’m not sure if there’s any method to the madness of when they mark items down further with the yellow stickers, but during the week, there seems to be more of them.

As a side note, they also mark down their bags and tights to yellow sticker status. I did not even know about the purses until much more recently, so keep an eye out!

Here are some of my favorite yellow sticker winners:

My favorite yellow sticker bag, by Pour la Victorie ($33 marked down from $300)


And, some of my favorite yellow sticker shoes…

Animal print platform shoes: Jellypop at DSW ($12 marked down from $60)



Black and white spotted shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)

photo 1 (23)20130620-080430.jpg


Black patent leather kitten heels: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)





Silver shoes: Ellen Tracy at DSW ($9 marked down from $99)


Well, I hope that inspires you to check out your local store to dig for the yellow stickers yourself! It is possible to get great quality shoes for a complete bargain price, solely through your huntress skills! Happy Monday readers!