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Alrighty, this week was my first foray into online abroad shopping and I’m here to tell you about it! I’ve read a lot of reviews regarding “fast fashion” and abroad markets; frankly, the reviews were completely mixed. Some reviews were great, others were terrible. So, I’m going to speak from my perspective knowing that it’s just that- my experience alone.

I was approached by Zaful to review their clothing in exchange for an honest review; I am not being financially compensated for this post nor through an affiliate program, so these opinions truly are my own! Okay, so the website has a LOT of items for sale. A. Lot. That being said, I found the best way to approach the website was to type in a keyword search like “fit and flare dress” (my favorite shape), and then review what items came up. Simply paging through all the items for sale is impossible; there’s just too much. That all being said, the negative feedback I read online was “slow delivery” and “wrong sizing.” The response from Zaful was “read the sizes” and “check the delivery times.” Alrighty. I did just that. I read the sizes (they vary from item to item) and I planned for a longer shipping time than an item coming to me from the US. These items go through customs, so yes, the shipping takes longer. That all being said, I got exactly what I ordered, in the two week time frame, and the sizes were all accurate. My honest opinion is that this was pretty straightforward and I really like the dress; the quality is what you would expect from a shop like Zara, H&M, etc. I hope that if you choose to order, you have the same experience that I did.  I’d love any feedback in the comments section, if you have any!


Dress: Midi dress c/o Zaful ($15, I ordered “light blue” but there’s four color options!)

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless ($15 marked down from $35)

Coupon alert: for Fashion Huntress readers interested in this dress, rompers, midi dresses, midi long sleeve dresses and short sleeve dresses or any other Zaful  items, you can use the code ZFEN01 for 10% off!

9 replies to “zaful review

    1. Exactly 🙂 I have a bunch of items from them and they are all along the lines of H&M and Zara quality. I would order again- just delicate wash and hand dry items and know the quality up front 🙂 oh! And read the descriptions and reviews! Then you’ll know in advance what type of fabric it is, etc.!

      1. That’s a very helpful response! I was looking at some of their “silk” tops, similar to a famous but expensive brand! Thanks for the feedback!! 🙂

  1. I’ve seen this dress before and thought it was cute, but never saw photos of anyone wearing it. I am an avid online shopper and always on the hunt for good quality, well priced items. There aren’t many thorough reviews about websites like these, so I appreciate this post. I recently tried Cupshe, which I found similar to Zaful, and the bathing suit I got was good quality. Have you ever shopped there?

    Love the outfit! That belt is fabulous! 😍

      1. Just the swimsuit and a winter sweater that was on clearance for $12. The swimsuit top I had fit nicely, and the high cut bottoms as well, all though it was a little too narrow in the front, and I prefer to be more covered up in that “area”. The sweater I got ended up being just as the description stated, and at first I thought it was too boxy, but after wearing it, it kind of conformed to my shape and gave off that loose, “drapey” feel I was going for. My hubby liked it a lot, so I call that a Win for Cupshe! 😉 Shipping was as expected being that the company is internationally based. But it didn’t take too long for me–between 1-2 weeks.

        I would recommend shopping there since it sounds very similar to Zaful! 🙂

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