loving lilac


Woo hoo! I finally got to break out my lilac purse today, thanks to a break in the cold. Which made me realize, lilac is definitely underutilized in my wardrobe. Actually, this may be my only lilac item. Ah, the joys of spring pastels…sunshine, the smell of flowers, and new beginnings is in the air.

“The smell of moist earth and lilacs hung in the air like wisps of the past and hints of the future.” -Margaret Miller

Dress: Tory Burch via Nordstrom Rack ($70 marked down from $350)

Jacket: Banana Republic ($30 marked down from $175)

Tights: Gap ($5 marked down from approx $20)

Necklace: Anthropologie (can’t remember anymore!)

Scarf: Kate Spade (gift)

Boots: Express ($20 marked down from approx $70)

Bag: Segolene Paris Noir via Nordstrom Rack ($50 marked down from $400)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) There’s an interesting bin that I have missed in the past at Nordstrom Rack: the clearance purse bin. While I really don’t agree with putting all of the purses in a bin (they can get scuffed!), there are some great finds in the clearance bin (the one from this post). You do need to dig through the bin and make sure the bags haven’t been scuffed or damaged in the bin. Otherwise, there are some real winners in there!

2) Shout-out and thank you to my friend Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking for the fabulous scarf in this post! She surprised me with a package for my birthday; check out her blog, she’s one of my oldest and most talented friends! 

Anyone else have a favorite spring color? Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! I appreciate it so very much; happy Monday!

16 replies to “loving lilac

  1. have i told you that i love your coat? 😀 it’s so perfect for your colourful ensemble, look how well it goes with your lovely scarf and bag! and that bag is just lovely, what a great find!

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