poplin on the prairie

A true Midwesterner at heart, I love being in prairie restoration sites. I was able to take some of my photos in such a site (staying on the path and not disturbing anything!) and felt totally at home. Of the 240 million acres that once existed in the Midwest, less than 1% remains today. ThanksContinue reading “poplin on the prairie”

botanical bridge

“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here Here comes the sun Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right” -The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun Dress: Ann Taylor Loft ($25 marked down from $90) Sandals: Nine West ($45 marked down fromContinue reading “botanical bridge”

bee yourself (Victoria Beckham for Target)

Is anyone else watching Grace and Frankie? Shout-out to Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin for being the most fabulous ladies in television right now, if you ask me! I love love love Jane Fonda’s classic style (and attitude) in the show. In an ode to Ms. Fonda, I’m popping my collared shirt collar and sportingContinue reading “bee yourself (Victoria Beckham for Target)”

bright white and sun spots

A little bit of sun just goes such a long way, right!? It feels like a sigh of relief to have gotten enough rain to make our yard look like the Amazon (but for real, it’s out of control), and then a day full of sunshine. I captured a little on my walk to workContinue reading “bright white and sun spots”

merry in marimekko

I’ve been a fan of Marimekko for years, so I was thrilled to see the Marimekko for Target collaboration this week! The Marimekko for Banana Republic line stole my heart a couple of years ago, so I had high hopes for this collection. While the line was mostly geared towards the outdoors (gardening, patio decor,Continue reading “merry in marimekko”

knowing in neon

I recently had lunch with a friend and was discussing confidence and lack thereof sometimes. My friend responded by saying that sometimes the only person that thinks we cannot do something is ourselves. …hmmm. That rang true for me, and I’m guessing, many others. We seem to be the least likely person to feel confident inContinue reading “knowing in neon”

radiating (sun) and reflections

I distinctly remember the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school. The last day of school is still vivid in my mind, so many years later. It was a warm, sunny day, but not the usual overly hot and humid, as we normally have in summer. I remember feeling completely weightless- likeContinue reading “radiating (sun) and reflections”

neatly knitted

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” -A.A. Milne Dress: DVF via TJ Maxx ($115 marked down from $500) Blazer: Armani Exchange via thrift ($10, retails for approx $200) Necklace: J Crew ($70 marked down from $150) Shoes: Miu Miu ($100 marked down from $1,000) Tights: H&M ($5) FashionContinue reading “neatly knitted”

refresh and renew

Woo hoo! Well, my closet is slowly being organized and unpacked in our new place and it’s so much easier to FIND THINGS! Ha, what a novelty, right? There’s something really fun (at least to me) about starting over and organizing yourself afresh. Pull out the label maker, some music, and a little spare time-Continue reading “refresh and renew”

seriously sunny

Hmmm, well these photos clearly turned out overexposed with sunlight…but I decided to roll with it. Having finally been able to dig out clothes from my move, I was just happy to be able to put together an outfit and blog! When life gives you too much sunlight in your photos…enjoy it! Top: Peter SomContinue reading “seriously sunny”

spring has sprung (?!)

Ahhhh, the feeling of warm sun and air on your face! I am out celebrating in a bright white jean coat and springy pastels. Enough said; perhaps spring has officially sprung! Happy Monday, all! “Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” -Rainer Maria Rilke Top: Target ($14) Skirt: gift Jacket:Continue reading “spring has sprung (?!)”

loving lilac

Woo hoo! I finally got to break out my lilac purse today, thanks to a break in the cold. Which made me realize, lilac is definitely underutilized in my wardrobe. Actually, this may be my only lilac item. Ah, the joys of spring pastels…sunshine, the smell of flowers, and new beginnings is in the air.Continue reading “loving lilac”