The intrigue of peplum

I have loved the look peplum since it first started appearing on the runways and in magazines. My challenge with peplum is what it ends up looking like when actually on me. I tried on numerous tops before I realized the tricks to making peplum work are in the shape and fabric. For example, tops that have a small ruffle or a ruffle in fine/thin fabrics seem to lose the intrigue of the shape.  As a result, they end up looking weirdly baggy and shapeless when on my body.

I was not looking specifically for a peplum top, but then I found this gem:


In the Nordstrom rack clearance section, I picked up four different tops in my size. Three were ill fitting, but this Sorano peplum top fit perfectly.

Original price of the peplum top = $36, paid = $9

Savings = $27

Fashion Huntress tips:
1) If you are going to try peplum, look for a top that has a clearly defined shape and ruffle. You can also look for peplum tops that are made from substantial fabric, which can help you avoid a flimsy fit.

2) I tried on four tops and found one that fit well. When shopping somewhere that has various designers and brands, you may need to try on more tops than you would at a store that solely carries their brand. Don’t give up!

Side note: If you’re not a ‘digger,’ look at my “Ask me!” section where I offer advice for avoiding digging when fashion hunting.

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