gray day (rotation time)

Really hazy weather led to some challenges in capturing quality photos this week, readers, so I apologize for the haziness in the photos! Anywho, this is the year I commit to rotation in my clothing, shoes, and coats. I often find myself reaching for my same clothes in winter…just the same boots and coat daily.Continue reading “gray day (rotation time)”

blogversary and birthday- year 3!

February is an exciting time because it’s both my birthday and my blogversary. Fashion Huntress turns three this year (I’m clearly slightly older than my blog-ha!). As another year passes, I am reflecting on the numerous changes that have occurred, the transitions, the moves, the marriage!, the business, and all the wonderful people I haveContinue reading “blogversary and birthday- year 3!”

loving layers

Happy December, readers! If there’s one thing I love about winter, it’s the fact that I can start layering up even more than I do in fall. I’m all about the remix and rematch in winter and today’s look is no exception. As you can see in the photos below, these pieces have been wellContinue reading “loving layers”