fairy woodland wonder skirt


Sometimes, when I find things at a super low price, I just can’t imagine my luck that others would have passed it over. The other day, when thrifting with my dear friend, I found this lovely watercolor/petal/fairy/whimsical skirt…for $4. Stop it. $4? Where am I not going to wear this whimsical fairy skirt?! This skirt got quite a few comments, mostly relating to how whimsical the skirt is. I really couldn’t agree more. It’s a fairy woodland wonder skirt and I’ll be sporting it whenever I can. Hmm magic fairy skirt….fashion life metaphor…am I reaching to say that this skirt is a reminder to carry a little whimsy and magic with us where ever we go? I certainly will take as much magic and whimsy with me as I can. Never know when you might need it.

“Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Lewis Carroll


Top: Old Navy ($2 marked down from $9)

Skirt: thrifted ($4)

Jacket: Forever 21 ($25)

Tights: Limited (approx $10 on sale many years ago!)

Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)

Necklace: Gap (approx $7 marked down from approx $30)

Scarf: Urban Outfitters (approx $3 many years ago on sale!)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) When I am wearing a statement top or skirt, I tend to either further dress it up or dress it completely down. With this outfit, I went for “dress it up” when I added a striped top, herringbone blazer, and rhinestone necklace. Conversely, an option would be to completely dress it down by adding a plain black sweater- perhaps a cable knit sweater. Another way to dress it down would be with a jean jacket and tank top or t-shirt. There’s no wrong way to dress up or dress down a statement piece as long as you stay consistent with either dressing it up or down. I generally love to just go all out, personally!

2) I was wearing skinny jeans when I thrifted this, though I would highly recommend wearing leggings when thrifting for skirts and dresses in order to check for proper fit without the bulk of jeans! The skirt is a tiny bit loose, but with the striped top tucked in, it ended up fitting perfectly. Additionally, I think this skirt may have been overlooked as a “summer skirt,” but with leggings, you can see right away that it can serve as a cooler weather piece as well. I took a risk assuming this would be the case despite the fact that I was wearing it with jeans when I tried it on, but it ended up working out!

Anyone else loving whimsical pieces this fall? Find a favorite piece while thrifting or huntressing?

Thank you, readers, as always, for stopping by and sharing in my adventures, while also sharing your own!


comfy cozy cashmere aka nifty thrifty


While I clearly love a good deal (as evidenced by my entire blog!), thrifting is relatively new to me. I’ve been reading some truly inspiring blogs (Thrift Your Heart Out and Pauper Into Princess , to name two). Seriously, thrifting is no joke! I decided it was time to really get out there and thrift a little. It’s always good to get out of our comfort zones, right?

Seeing as how I’m new to this, I will have a lot more tips to come, but I’ll start with explaining how I felt about the whole process. I found it to be a bit overwhelming because there was so much stuff in the store. It was almost like a warehouse of clothes and other household items.  I loved that everything was all charity driven/donations based.  All of their profits go to a really great cause, including employment in their stores for adults with disabilities.
Because the store was so huge, there was a lot of sifting through pieces that just didn’t work until I found a few gems. And when I say gems, I mean, GEMS. I can’t wait to post about my vintage Diane Von Furstenberg sweater that I got for $4. Anyway, the sweater featured today was a $5 find…but the store was offering coupons that day, so I got it for $4. It was originally approx $70. Not bad, huh?
I’d say this was a great way to try something new. I will definitely be doing this more often and more regularly. Stay tuned for my other finds from that day!


Sweater: thifted ($4)

Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($10 marked down from $45)

Shoes: Marshall’s (approx $20 marked down from approx $100)

Barrette: Missoni for Target (on sale, approx $3)


Fashion Huntress tips:
I went with a friend of mine who has been thrifting for a long time.  She helped walk me through the process of finding a good thrift store and sifting through deals. Her two best pieces of advice were:
1) “It’s easy to get carried away when thrifting because the prices are so low. Really think about whether you want something before you grab it just because it’s a good deal. Otherwise, it will just sit at home unworn.”
2) “Try things on.” Yep, you sure can try things on right over your clothes in most thrift stores.  In the one we visited, trying things on over your clothes was completely acceptable. The staff didn’t even blink as we tried things on. As a side note, I highly recommend wearing leggings and a t-shirt so that you can easily get things on and off without the bulk of jeans or a sweatshirt underneath when trying things on over your clothes.
My side note: I didn’t bother with trying to clean the pieces I picked up myself. I took them all the dry cleaners and called it a day. Easy peasy.
Anyone else thinking of trying out thrifting? Or those that already are thrifting and loving it?
What an adventure, readers, thanks for hanging on through this one! Thank you, as always, for visiting!