(not so) cold shoulder

My girl Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking recently suggested a closet challenge to me, and I was all in! I recently posted this top, sandals, and bracelets (pics below) and decided to challenge myself to re-style all of the items! #outfitrepeater  The result was fun and challenging…so of course I’m signing up for an allContinue reading “(not so) cold shoulder”

to the max (aka half summer half spring)

What do you wear when it’s half summer half spring (half fall)? You wear a maxi dress, of course. As you all know, I’ll use just about any excuse to wear anything remotely pajama-like to work, and a maxi dress is no exception. Instead of droning on about how much I like pajamas and howContinue reading “to the max (aka half summer half spring)”