perfectly parked (30 days no shopping, day 16)


I’m probably one of the happiest people in Chicago right now because it’s basically fall weather, and has been for the past few weeks. I know, I know, there’s people out there that are saying, “WHAT?!” What can I say? I’m a fall lover through and through. Hopefully this look captures summer and fall all at once…and a little humor. I want to just add two caveats: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know who owns this parking lot…but I sure did enjoy a little chuckle while embracing the cool weather and the signs in this photo shoot. 


Lace top: H&M ($5 marked down from $15)
Tank top: Express (erm, like 10 years ago, no joke)
Denim shirt: Forever 21 ($20)
Pants: Gap ($8 marked down from $55)
Shoes: Audrey Brooke at DSW ($30 marked down from $60)
Scarf: H&M (approx $4-$5)
Necklace: gift
Fashion Huntress tips:
1) I think there’s lot of potential to wear dark colors in summer. These pants were definitely marketed as “winter pants,” but they tend to translate well to other seasons.  By adding a lightweight top and sandals to them, they easily transitioned into a summer look. You may be surprised at how many of your fall and winter pieces you can transition with some small adjustments.
Here’s how I wore the pants in winter and spring, respectively:
2) My no shopping challenge continues with today being day 16). Interestingly, I find myself taking more time at night looking through my closet to style my current clothes in new ways. I’ve actually really enjoyed it so far. Though, I’ve noticed it does take a bit more time to think about my current clothes in a new way (that’s no surprise, right?). I highly recommend that if you’re trying a no shopping (or reduced shopping) challenge that you try and lay clothes out the night before to avoid the “I have nothing to wear” staring at a full closet of clothes phenomenon. If you are shopping, Gap is still having some great sales, as are many stores, during their “summer clear out” sale, so check them out!
I hope everyone is having a good week! Any others trying a no shopping challenge? Have any tips? Thanks so much for stopping by readers! I appreciate it so much!