NOLA hurrah – part 1

Y’all (southern style), I am overdue for a post! I apologize for the delay; I was on vacation with my hubs and am now back to work and life! Thanks to lots of sunshine and warmth, I managed to snag some great photos and will post them over the course of the next few posts.Continue reading “NOLA hurrah – part 1”

sunshine shades (of yellow)

Sorry for delay in posts this week, readers! We had some bad weather, so it made it a little challenging to take photos outdoors without snow boots, mittens, and a giant down jacket (not so glam). But, hurray! Sunshine and warmth this weekend! I couldn’t resist sneaking some sun photos in throughout the weekend… OurContinue reading “sunshine shades (of yellow)”

from sevilla to chicago (black and white outfit and besties)

Readers, it really warms my heart to share these photos with you today. They were taken by dear friend, Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking, who I met many years ago in Sevilla, Spain. Many moons ago, Andrea and I lived abroad together. Now back in our respective hometowns (Boston and Chicago), we have remainedContinue reading “from sevilla to chicago (black and white outfit and besties)”

jazzed in a jumpsuit

Umm, I haven’t been this jazzed about a trend since I realized I could wear denim tops to work, readers. I decided I am LOVING the jumpsuit trend. For the record, I had tried on shorts/rompers many times in the past, before I realized I just feel more comfortable in a full length/pant jumpsuit. My fiance,Continue reading “jazzed in a jumpsuit”

surprisingly sewn

I wouldn’t consider myself a seamstress by any stretch, readers, but I do like to sew. I decided it was high time to try and mesh my love of sewing with my love of fashion- the outcome? My first-ever handmade grown-up skirt. Admittedly, it has what I would call some “structural issues” mostly because IContinue reading “surprisingly sewn”