spring in my step

As I looked at my calendar today, I remembered that Daylight Savings is happening this weekend. Doesn’t it feel as though we just “fell back?” As rough as “springing forward” and losing an hour is less than ideal, I can’t help but feel the warmth and sun on the horizon. I have my head inContinue reading “spring in my step”

glasses girl

Despite not showing my face on Fashion Huntress, you may or may not be aware that I wear glasses. I’ve actually worn glasses since 2nd grade. For many years, I was actually totally embarrassed by my glasses (ridicule galore as a kid). So, I reverted to wearing contacts…that is, until I developed an allergy toContinue reading “glasses girl”

all for fall

Back when I was just a wee Huntress, I used to have a book called “All for Fall.” I’m pretty sure the book was about jumping in leaves and generally enjoying fall. Maybe that’s where my love of all things fall began. Either way, I am definitely all for fall as an adult: fall colors, throwingContinue reading “all for fall”