floral feeling

I’m feeling so very floral lately, thanks to the arrival of spring. We’ve certainly had many April showers, and even a few May flowers! (photos below from the garden). Can you see the pink buds on the tree? Ahh! So exciting! Anyway, this dress has a special place in my heart because I wore itContinue reading “floral feeling”

feathery fringe

I knew I was on the lookout for a feather or fringe skirt; so when I finally found one on sale (!), I debated long and hard about how to wear fringe at work and still look professional. Turns out, it’s really not that hard. Add a serious-looking top, and it’s all business on topContinue reading “feathery fringe”

fancy & festive

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a strong desire to repeat my middle school dances. But, there’s something about a full and shimmery dress that just speaks to my middle school heart. This dress is reminiscent of those fancy and festive dresses from many moons ago, though in a grown-up way.Continue reading “fancy & festive”

helping hand

In the past year, I’ve realized more and more that I really struggle with asking for help sometimes. As a blogger, this can get awkward…seeing as how blogging takes a village to really make it work (photos, editing, etc, all involve multiple people). I’ve gotten to the point of feeling like I can ask for helpContinue reading “helping hand”

stripes on stripes

I love that moment in fashion/getting dressed when you think, “what!? That’s madness!” to something that isn’t really that “out there” or revolutionary. This outfit is an example of my own response to something that is new to me: stripes on stripes. My inner dialogue sounded a little like this, “….hmmm black and white, andContinue reading “stripes on stripes”