swooning in scarlet space (shoes)


You guys. Can I get serious for a minute? (Not that I ever joke about fashion). One time, many many months ago, I saw a pair of Cole Haan Lunar Grand Chelsea pumps in the Cole Haan for $400. Sigh. I don’t really know why I go in there. It’s sheer torture. But, anywho, I saw those heels, tortured myself further, and tried them on. I did lap after lap in the store, and then left.

For approximately the next eight months, I checked the Cole Haan website every week to see if they went on sale. I even went to the outlet store; I called there three times like a complete stalker looking for them. As the months went by, I almost lost hope (almost). I’m sure pretty much everyone was sick of my storytelling of the Lunar Grands. I figured perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

Don’t fret, this story ends well. I mean, this is a fashion fairytale, after all.

One magical day last week, I checked the website again. I couldn’t believe it, I saw them on sale for $70. Here is my homage to the scarlet space shoes…tomorrow I’ll post how I wore them, but today, I swoon in the sheer love of seeing them out and about, where they belong.


Shoes: Cole Haan ($70 marked down from $400)

btw, they are still available online for $100 (extra sale price was a weekend event): http://www.colehaan.com/