power suit/power clash

Some days, even though my job doesn’t really call for it, I just really want to rock a power suit..and not just a power suit, I want to power clash in a power suit. While I don’t envy people who have to wear them everyday, I like the option of sporting the look occasionally. Well,Continue reading “power suit/power clash”

refreshing floral

There’s something about the change of the seasons that gives the feeling of renewal, change, and new life. I think this feeling especially rings true in Spring. Finally, we can see the actual ground! Grass (albeit brown)! Puddles! I decided to celebrate and welcome these changes with flowers, stripes, bright colors, patent leather wedges…and ofContinue reading “refreshing floral”

pretty in primary palette

Hello, readers! After my mismatching Monday outfit a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to again embrace my love of power clashing (clashion, if you will). This time, I went with red, green, blue, and yellow bold tones. When I found a great nail polish on sale for 70 cents (what?!) atContinue reading “pretty in primary palette”