sweet sheer summer


With this lovely breeze and cooler weather in Chicago, the fashion doors have opened and I am back to looking through my pants and long sleeved tops! I opted for a sheer floral top today with my pastel pink pants. You can never have too much pink, in my opinion.

In the picture below you can see the floral detail and how there are two pieces of fabric (ties) that hang down the front of this shirt.  Personally, I like to leave these pieces untied for a laid back look, but the top does look great with the fabric ties in a bow as well.


To dress the look up a little, I added my metallic heels.


There is no red in the top, but I think the red nails are in theme with the romantic and feminine vibe of this outfit.



Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I do try and practice what I preach when I’m putting together my daily work ensemble.  With this outfit, I thought pink khaki pants might not make sense with a sheer top, but I tried them together anyway. I was surprised at how much I liked this pairing. The whole vibe of the outfit is very feminine and breezy, but the heels keep it from looking too laid back for work. 

2) I posted about DSW yellow stickers yesterday. These metallic heels are great for work because they instantly dress up any work outfit.  The phrase “work appropriate metallic platform heels” might sound like a complete misnomer, but with the heel not being too tall and with an otherwise conservative outfit, these heels definitely look great at work! Whenever I’m unsure about how something may look together, I just try it on. Sometimes pieces I thought would look great together look completely odd, but other things (ie metallic heels and pink khakis) end up looking like a perfect match. 

Thanks for visiting, readers, and for sharing in my fashion adventures!


pink pants on parade


I generally do not find a lot of khakis that I like and seem stylish, but these pink khakis were a great find at Gap.

I kept my look casual with a denim top, but added heels to look dressy enough for work. I found these Marc Jacobs heels at a local charity shop, seemingly worn maybe once in the past (if that), for $10! You can read more about that fab find here.


I also added a cute head scarf that I found at my local consignment shop. The scarf matched perfectly, and added a bit of whimsy with the travel/architectural design. Plus, aren’t headscarves the best for quick hairdos?



Pink khaki pants: Gap ($17 marked down from $50)

Denim top: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $40)

Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs (paid $10, generally retail for anywhere from $300-$450)

Scarf: unsure of brand, via consignment ($4)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I have to confess that I very rarely read the fit description label on pants. Not reading these in the past was a real shopping error but it actually saved me a lot of time to read the label on these pants at Gap! I went straight for the pants that were labeled “relaxed in the hip” and the pants fit perfectly. You can also look up most stores’ size chart, if you want to measure yourself before you go out and shop. Gap’s size chart, for example, is listed here: http://www.gap.com/browse/sizeChart.do?cid=2082

I highly recommend either of these time savers if you are looking for work pants and do not have a ton of time on your hands…and then, of course, when you’re in the store head straight to the sale section!

2) I plan to transition these pants from summer to fall by adding a sweater and closed toed heels. Knowing Chicago weather, fall is likely still a few months away. However, I like to think through how many seasons I can wear a piece prior to purchasing. I think I can likely wear these pants for three seasons (spring, summer, fall), so I consider them a good investment for versatility, especially for $17!

Hope the start of the week is going well, readers! Thanks for stopping by!