(not so) cold shoulder


My girl Andrea of A Spoonful of Sugar Baking recently suggested a closet challenge to me, and I was all in! I recently posted this top, sandals, and bracelets (pics below) and decided to challenge myself to re-style all of the items! #outfitrepeater  The result was fun and challenging…so of course I’m signing up for an all month closet challenge (with myself-ha!)! Stay tuned, readers! And have a lovely weekend!

Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($15 marked down from $55)

Pants: Old Navy (50 cents marked down from $35)

Bracelets: Alex & Ani (blue with gold beads), rest are handmade by me!

Sandals: Nine West ($45 marked down from approx $90) (I’ve been living in these all summer!)


I’m waiting for my first Zaful order, but wondering if anyone has checked out Rosegal? If so, tell me your picks and your thoughts! I’m in the market for summer maxi dresses and summer suits! I never seem to tire of summer dresses, especially maxi dresses, which transition easily into fall with sweaters and cardigans. If you’ve checked out Rosegal let me know! I’ll post my first order ASAP! I’ve got my eye on some off the shoulder tops!


treat yourself tailored (sweats)


Let’s face it. I really don’t need many reasons to wear some form of work appropriate fleece or sweats. So, you can imagine how I swooned when I found this sweatshirt blazer. I didn’t even care that I found it in the men’s section. I knew I could make it work (It had to work! It’s a sweatshirt blazer! I was motivated!). So, I eased this dream of a cuddly blazer into my wardrobe on a day I lovingly dubbed Treat Yo’self 2013 (Parks and Rec, anyone?).

My dear friend and I skipped around town on a rainy day, and I remained cozy in my sweatshirt blazer.  We thrifted, drank tea, ate vegan pumpkin squares and all around treated ourselves. What a delight. And there’s definitely no better way to accessorize a treat yourself day than in high quality, reasonably priced, tailored, public-worthy sweatshirt blazer, right?


Blazer: H&M ($11 marked down from $15)

Top: Gap (approx $12 marked down from approx $30)

Jeans: Old Navy ($30)

Boots: DSW ($15 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Menswear, womenswear, it’s all fluid these days and I love it! Had I not been shopping with my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have checked out the men’s section. I’m glad I did because they did not have a version of this blazer in the women’s section. The jacket is a slim cut but still a little boxy so I paired it with skinny jeans and tall boots to further add some shape. I say why not explore other sections of your favorite stores? I also find some gems in the juniors section of some stores, including Marshall’s, including the dress I posted a few days ago (Real life redo).

2) It was really easy to pair this blazer with jeans outside of work. The real trick, I think, will be making it work appropriate. I’m thinking of wearing the blazer with a button down underneath, fitted colored pants, and heels. My other thought is to wear it with a tweed skirt and boots for a fabulous fall look. I’d love other suggestions, if anyone has any! Reading other blogs, Pinterest, and Google image searches are a great way to find potential ways to wear something you’ve picked up recently! 

Readers, anyone else pick up anything in unexpected sections?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I hope everyone is having a good week!