Calligraphy Cut (part 2)

I had one more set of photos to showcase my Calligraphy (hair)Cut, and I just had to share them since I couldn’t choose between the photos! As other fashion bloggers will attest to, you have to be completely oblivious to the people around you when you’re shooting photos in wide open locations. “Oh don’t mindContinue reading “Calligraphy Cut (part 2)”

more mint please!

I think we can all agree that my obsession with mint may be reaching an unhealthy level. But seriously, I cannot stop myself and really see no reason to anyway. I can’t help but think back upon a time when colored pants weren’t even being made with much frequency, unless, of course, they were SpandexContinue reading “more mint please!”

pre-spring pastels

I decided that even though it’s exceptionally cold in Chicago (the second coldest February in Chicago history!), it was time to start busting out the spring pastels. Maybe my pastel colors and wishful thinking will translate to warmer weather. One can only hope, right? This is my pre-spring pastels look. I’m feeling warmer already… Blazer:Continue reading “pre-spring pastels”