nothing but nails

With the help of my husband, I finally accomplished my New Year’s resolution (of years 2014, 2015, and 2016): I have officially backed up my photos. It only took three years of a lack of commitment and my phone nearly crashing to make this dream happen. While I was cleaning out of my photos, IContinue reading “nothing but nails”

seeing spots nails

This months’s Marie Claire had a piece about nail art that you can do yourself at home called, “Hands on.” I decided to give the look by Jessica Washick a go. Here’s the article, and then the colors I had at home to try and replicate the look: I thought I was painting something totallyContinue reading “seeing spots nails”

purple pastel polka dot polish!

Let’s face it: I have become addicted to nail art. Admittedly, I am still working up to more involved nail art. For now, I am sticking with easy-to-paint polka dots. Maybe in the next few weeks, I’ll try something else! I found a skirt recently with purple details, so I took a cue from theContinue reading “purple pastel polka dot polish!”

under the sea

It’s Monday, so I’ve done my nails for the week! Well, technically, I did them on Saturday. However, the look turned into what I dubbed a “nail fail.” I was going for an ocean/sea look but it ended up a smeared mess! Though, from further away, they actually looked okay. The close up, however, showsContinue reading “under the sea”

pastel french manicure

Well, it’s Sunday again, which means I am painting my nails for the week. Lately, I have been inspired by some beautiful nail art (see: here and here). I decided to try some nail art of my own: a pastel french manicure! I wanted to try out some neon nail polish this week, but itContinue reading “pastel french manicure”