ballerina dreams

I never took ballet classes as a little girl. I really did not have the agility and poise for dance. Trust me on this one. However, probably like many other girls, I always did love seeing big tutus, tulle, pastel tights, and satin shoes. So, when I saw that ballet skirts were on trend, youContinue reading “ballerina dreams”

cozy chic

It is a bit cool here for June, so I felt as though I was dressing for fall this morning. With a chill in the air, my mind was thinking of cozy things this morning. Much like my sweatpants, I cannot wear my slippers all day at work. Therefore, I settled for my next favoriteContinue reading “cozy chic”

pastel french manicure

Well, it’s Sunday again, which means I am painting my nails for the week. Lately, I have been inspired by some beautiful nail art (see: here and here). I decided to try some nail art of my own: a pastel french manicure! I wanted to try out some neon nail polish this week, but itContinue reading “pastel french manicure”

denim dress day

I wanted to wear my new heels this week, but decided to reserve them for an evening debut (though I think they are definitely work appropriate too!). I started my work day with a denim dress from Nordstrom Rack and a cardigan. I added the polka dot shoes that I seem to be wearing allContinue reading “denim dress day”