gone green (floral)

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Chicago! I couldn’t be happier! I’m still patiently awaiting greenery, which is very slowly beginning to show itself here and there. I figured if I wore green and floral, perhaps I would bring my own flowers to the day. Cheers to, hopefully, a sun-filled Monday, readers. “ItContinue reading “gone green (floral)”

dreamy diner

I have consistently driven past this retro drive-in diner, Superdawg, and said, “I need to go there!” So when the bf suggested we go, I was on board. Actually, I believe I said, “Gah! Best day ever! Yes!” …what can I say, I’m enthusiastic about retro diners. Anywho, I believe I was slightly overdressed forContinue reading “dreamy diner”

unseen gone seen

Seeing clothes in a new way (specifically the ones hanging in our own closets) is not easy, if you ask me. I’ve been styling my shirt dresses in a fairly consistent way, until a posting on gap.com rocked my world. Exhibit A: What? A button down over a button down? …world rocked. Maybe this is a fairly obviousContinue reading “unseen gone seen”

summer breeze (aka ruffle revival)

Finally, finally, a warm (albeit humid) breeze has hit Chicago, and the summer clothes can make their debut! I found myself wondering whether it was “white skirt” weather…umm, that’s what happens, people, when you have an 8 month long winter. Your brain gets all sorts of confused about clothes. Anywho, speaking of summer. Is thereContinue reading “summer breeze (aka ruffle revival)”

waning in warm and cold

Well, it’s that time of year, readers. We’ve hit the period of spring and winter collision. It’s 30 degrees in the mornings, and 60 degrees by the afternoon. Well, this puts us all in a bit of a dressing conundrum, if you ask me. In the morning, I’m wearing down and Uggs, then I endContinue reading “waning in warm and cold”