flamingo a go-go


Hi, readers! Wow, it’s been a serious whirlwind lately, and alas, the Fashion Huntress has been slightly neglected! After this week, though, I will be back on track and on my regular posting schedule! I’ve decided to make some changes in my professional life, and seek more balance. As a result of the changes, various transitions are underway- and I’m looking for the balance at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t be more excited about the changes, though, of course, with mixed emotions as I say goodbye to some of my previous roles…and, equally of course, anxious about change. Ha! So, in short, this is my flamingo a go-go outfit. But it’s not go-go for long! I’ll be back later this week! IMG_6101IMG_6098IMG_6099IMG_6100

Back with tips, Fashion Huntress finds, fun, and more- later this week! IMG_6097