sweet sheer summer


With this lovely breeze and cooler weather in Chicago, the fashion doors have opened and I am back to looking through my pants and long sleeved tops! I opted for a sheer floral top today with my pastel pink pants. You can never have too much pink, in my opinion.

In the picture below you can see the floral detail and how there are two pieces of fabric (ties) that hang down the front of this shirt.  Personally, I like to leave these pieces untied for a laid back look, but the top does look great with the fabric ties in a bow as well.


To dress the look up a little, I added my metallic heels.


There is no red in the top, but I think the red nails are in theme with the romantic and feminine vibe of this outfit.



Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I do try and practice what I preach when I’m putting together my daily work ensemble.  With this outfit, I thought pink khaki pants might not make sense with a sheer top, but I tried them together anyway. I was surprised at how much I liked this pairing. The whole vibe of the outfit is very feminine and breezy, but the heels keep it from looking too laid back for work. 

2) I posted about DSW yellow stickers yesterday. These metallic heels are great for work because they instantly dress up any work outfit.  The phrase “work appropriate metallic platform heels” might sound like a complete misnomer, but with the heel not being too tall and with an otherwise conservative outfit, these heels definitely look great at work! Whenever I’m unsure about how something may look together, I just try it on. Sometimes pieces I thought would look great together look completely odd, but other things (ie metallic heels and pink khakis) end up looking like a perfect match. 

Thanks for visiting, readers, and for sharing in my fashion adventures!

spotted at work

photo 4 (8)20130630-180824.jpg

I took note of my spotted nails this week and wore my favorite spotted pants.


I kept the look casual by adding a denim shirt and yellow head scarf.



Top: Forever 21 ($20)

Pants: Gap ($21 marked down from $55)

Shoes: Gap ($21 marked down from $50)

Head scarf: gift


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I’ve worn and blogged before about everything posted here, aside from the head scarf. Interestingly, my head scarf was my inspiration to pair the pieces together in a new way. I really wanted to pin my hair up, and the yellow scarf matched the yellow in the pants. To keep the look from getting too busy, I kept my shirt basic by wearing unembellished denim.

If you want to see how I wore these pants last time, you can click here .

2) Printed pants are all about the size of the print and proportion. I chose a fairly small patterned print for these pants, which seems to fit my frame best. Print sizes are a bit confusing to me, so I often look up articles for reference. Nothing beats trying the pants on, though, and seeing how they look on you.

Below is a good article about picking the right patterned pant for your body type:


on the dot


In keeping with my dress and skirt theme this month, I kept my Friday look simple with blue and purple polka dots!

My nails ended up matching another outfit this week. The purple polka dots were much more versatile than I anticipated!



Top: Banana Republic ($10 marked down from approx $50)
Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)
Skirt: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $50)
Shoes: Gap ($21 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Even though my top and shoes were from two different stores, they ended up matching perfectly. If you are looking to match pieces from different stores, you can always carry pieces you want to match in your purse. In the past, when I have carried around a photo of the piece I’m trying to match, the colors did not end up matching quite right. So, it is generally best to carry the actual piece, if possible. The benefit of shopping this way is you may find better deals at different stores, versus shopping solely in one store.

2) The blue top is a great sheer piece with a tank top already attached to it. You guys know how I feel about sheer at work! You can do it, just add a top underneath (if there is not one already attached) and a cardigan. You’ll be good to go!

Happy Sunday, readers! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

under the sea


It’s Monday, so I’ve done my nails for the week!

Well, technically, I did them on Saturday. However, the look turned into what I dubbed a “nail fail.”


I was going for an ocean/sea look but it ended up a smeared mess! Though, from further away, they actually looked okay. The close up, however, shows how smeared they got. I used a silver Sharpie for the middle section and I think I didn’t let it dry enough. I really do not know what happened there. Regardless, I decided to just start over. That’s the best part about trying nail trends; If you try something and you don’t like it, just start over!

I wanted to keep with the water theme. I was definitely inspired by water themed photos I took over the course of the past month:


Voila! Under the sea nails!



I created a “bubble” effect with two different shades of blue on top of the dark blue background.


Base color, Dive bar by Essie ($7.50); Darker turquoise, Ocean teal from Gap ($3 on sale!); Light turquoise, Turquoise and Caicos by Essie ($7.50)

1) Taking risks on nail polish is an easy way to try out trends. Sometimes they look great, sometimes they do not! Just start over if you do not like the look. In retrospect, I should have done the first look on one nail before moving forward with the rest of my nails. I recommend you do the same, and next time I will too!

2) I created the dots on nails with a toothpick dipped in polish. I used the wider end for the bigger bubbles and the pointed end for the inner bubbles. I recommend getting a decent amount of polish on the toothpick to paint the dots. Otherwise, you can end up just chipping the base color instead of adding a layer of polish.

Happy Monday, readers! Thanks for visiting!

it’s hip to be square



I love how style and fashion can remind us of wonderful memories. My friend today told me my pants reminded her of watching the Mary Tyler Moore show as a little girl. When she said that, I realized that I thought the same thing! During summer vacations, I remember watching the Mary Tyler Moore show in my parent’s room while eating my morning breakfast. Oh, the joys of long summer vacations, freshly cut grass, and running through the sprinkler with my brother and sister.

These square printed pants certainly do evoke that 60’s Mary spirit, and carefree summer days. Nowadays, I hold onto that same spirit, but with modern heels and a statement necklace. This look does prove, at least in my book, that it is totally hip to be square- especially when you’re trendy in squares!



Pants: Gap (approx $35 marked down from $55)
Shirt: Urban Outfitters ($15 marked down from approx $50)
Sweater: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $40)
Shoes: Cole Haan at Nordstrom Rack ($150 marked down from approx $350)
Necklace: Charming Charlie’s ($3.50 marked down from $14)



Fashion Huntress tips

1) Readers, you know how I feel about high/low outfits. These shoes upgrade the whole outfit. Nordstrom Rack has two shoes sections: designer shoes and “regular shoes.” Shockingly, I have found some cheaper shoes in the designer section than the regular shoes section! Even the designer section has clearances, but you have to look through all of the shoes, as they are not in a designated “clearance section” like they are in the regular shoes. These shoes were not a total steal, but I have yet to find that brand at a cheaper price in retail stores. Fear not, though, if it is possible to get them cheaper, I will let you know how I do it!

2) Charming Charlie’s ended up having some good pieces. The orange necklace pictured here was part of a “buy one clearance item, get one free” deal. Two necklaces for $7 is a great price, especially if you dig through the cheaper looking pieces and find some better quality ones. I’m planning on writing a Charming Charlie’s post later this week, so stay tuned for tips from that store!

mad for plaid


In true Windy City fashion, it’s back to winter weather here. Cold and rainy means I want to wear this all day:


(Amazingly comfy but totally shapeless pile of sweatpants and sweatshirts)

Seeing as how sweatpants are not an option for work (sigh), I decided to go back to dresses and tights.


I accessorized my plaid dress with tights with zippers on the sides:


Yes, tights with zippers! Funky and fun and still work appropriate.

I added my heels that I’ve been wearing a lot recently:


And ta da! I didn’t even resort to sweatpants after all!


Dress: Gap ($27 marked down from $60)

Tights: Blue ($4 marked down from approx $20)

Shoes: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Rainy and cold weather calls for pajamas. But if that’s not an option, I like to wear dresses with thick tights or leggings.  Many dresses can be worn year round if you just change out the accessories. This dress could be worn in warmer weather without tights and with the sleeves rolled up.  When it’s really cold, I wear this dress with fleece lined tights (amazingly comfortable and almost like pajamas), knee high boots and a cardigan. You guys know how I feel about getting as much use as possible from clothes by wearing them all year round!

2) Similar to my first tip, changing out shoes helps your outfit go from work to weekend. I wear this dress during the day on weekends with flats and a jean jacket for a laidback look.  For work, dressy heels keeps it formal.

classy lady(bug)

It did not take me long to incorporate my ladybug dress at work! Though it’s “spring” here, it is still cool in the mornings. Thus, I paired my dress with a jean jacket from DKNY and a Gap infinity scarf.


But back to the dress. It was, as anticipated, sack-like without a belt.

Exhibit A:


With a belt, this dress was back in action.

Exhibit B:


The belt and patent wedges make the look formal enough for work, while still having a casual print.



Dress: Gap ($22 marked down from $60)

Scarf: Gap ($15 marked down from approx. $25)

Jacket: DKNY (no price can be recalled for this one. I bought this on sale approximately 10 years ago at Marshall Fields, when it was still open)

Tights: another oldie, but I think I got them at H&M at least five years ago

Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender ($100 marked down from $350)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $25)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) With dresses that have a boxy shape, consider adding a belt to create a more flattering shape and interest.  Keep one belt around your house that is neutral to help ‘shape up’ dresses that need it.  The belt I used is brown and black, so it is easily paired with different colored dresses.  I wear this belt all the time and save on alterations! 

2) Make clothes work for you! This would be a great dress to “dress down” with sandals and bare legs-outside of work.  I like to buy pieces that can go from day to night and work to weekends; this allows you to save money and have your wardrobe do double duty for you. 



The mixed prints and colors that I have been seeing in catalogs and stores really inspired me this season!  I decided it was definitely time to try out mixed prints for myself.  For my first time at print-a-palooza (okay…work), I chose two different prints but in the same color family.

Side note: I think this ensemble also answers the age-old question of whether animal print pants are acceptable at work. Does anyone else besides me think that this is an age-old question? Regardless, the answer, to me, is yes! The pants pictured here are dress pants (labeled as ‘premium pants’).  The work-appropriateness of animal print pants will vary dependent upon material, color, and fit.

Anyway, back to print-a-palooza (I cannot say it enough)! The top I wore was the same shade of navy blue as the pants and shoes; however, it had some lime embellishment along the top.  I guess, in the end, it was a little bit of a color-palooza too.  Party fun times in the office, you guys. Try it out!

Pants: Gap ($21 marked down from $55)

Top: Gap ($14 marked down from $40)

Shoes: Gap ($21 marked down from $50)

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) By now, I think you know that I love shopping sales within sales!  All three pieces were from sales within sales, though I actually got them at different times throughout the season.  The easiest way to mix and match is to look for pieces in the same color family. 

2) Mixing prints was so much easier than I thought it would be! Getting everything at the same store ensured that the colors matched.  If you are just starting to mix patterns, you can keep it simple by doing a ‘one-stop shop.’ Next time, I am going to try to mix from other stores in hopes of finding even better deals. 

photo 4 (8)