sweet sheer summer

With this lovely breeze and cooler weather in Chicago, the fashion doors have opened and I am back to looking through my pants and long sleeved tops! I opted for a sheer floral top today with my pastel pink pants. You can never have too much pink, in my opinion. In the picture below youContinue reading “sweet sheer summer”

spotted at work

I took note of my spotted nails this week and wore my favorite spotted pants. I kept the look casual by adding a denim shirt and yellow head scarf. Top: Forever 21 ($20) Pants: Gap ($21 marked down from $55) Shoes: Gap ($21 marked down from $50) Head scarf: gift Fashion Huntress tips: 1) I’veContinue reading “spotted at work”

on the dot

In keeping with my dress and skirt theme this month, I kept my Friday look simple with blue and purple polka dots! My nails ended up matching another outfit this week. The purple polka dots were much more versatile than I anticipated! Top: Banana Republic ($10 marked down from approx $50) Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 markedContinue reading “on the dot”

under the sea

It’s Monday, so I’ve done my nails for the week! Well, technically, I did them on Saturday. However, the look turned into what I dubbed a “nail fail.” I was going for an ocean/sea look but it ended up a smeared mess! Though, from further away, they actually looked okay. The close up, however, showsContinue reading “under the sea”

it’s hip to be square

  I love how style and fashion can remind us of wonderful memories. My friend today told me my pants reminded her of watching the Mary Tyler Moore show as a little girl. When she said that, I realized that I thought the same thing! During summer vacations, I remember watching the Mary Tyler MooreContinue reading “it’s hip to be square”

mad for plaid

In true Windy City fashion, it’s back to winter weather here. Cold and rainy means I want to wear this all day: (Amazingly comfy but totally shapeless pile of sweatpants and sweatshirts) Seeing as how sweatpants are not an option for work (sigh), I decided to go back to dresses and tights. I accessorized myContinue reading “mad for plaid”

classy lady(bug)

It did not take me long to incorporate my ladybug dress at work! Though it’s “spring” here, it is still cool in the mornings. Thus, I paired my dress with a jean jacket from DKNY and a Gap infinity scarf. But back to the dress. It was, as anticipated, sack-like without a belt. Exhibit A:Continue reading “classy lady(bug)”


The mixed prints and colors that I have been seeing in catalogs and stores really inspired me this season!  I decided it was definitely time to try out mixed prints for myself.  For my first time at print-a-palooza (okay…work), I chose two different prints but in the same color family. Side note: I think thisContinue reading “print-a-palooza”