silky, shruggy, and almost stapled


Oh my. Do you ever have a moment when you realize you really didn’t buy the right size pants? Well, I had that moment today. I guess when I saw “relaxed khakis” in my standard size I figured, “these will fit perfectly.” Umm, my pants were a bit too relaxed, which I realized on my walk to work. Relaxed as in a kind-of falling off relaxed. Again, oh my.

My lovely friend and I attempted safety pinning the pants. That didn’t work. We considered stapling. That didn’t make sense. I then thought maybe ribbon would work as a makeshift belt. Couldn’t find it. Oh. My.

Well, we gave up on further attempts to fix my pants and instead I opted for a silky, shruggy, almost (but not quite) stapled look. The end result? Lovely. Nobody was the wiser. Sometimes, we just opt to make it work.


Top: Express ($17 marked down from $40)

Pants: Gap ($10 marked down from $50)

Shoes: Lula Townsend at DSW ($12 marked down from $79)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I think we can all agree the shopping lesson here is to try things on. I already had these pants in another color, so I figured the fit would be the same in a different color. Silly me! That clearly was not the case. I’m guessing with a few washes and dries these pants will work out just fine. However, I think it would make sense to consider having a spare belt at work along with my shoe stash. Additionally, some pants really do stretch out quite a bit throughout the day. Next time, I’ll be prepared!

2) I found this top literally in a bin at an Express sale. I never say never with stores I have not been to in a while. I hadn’t found something at Express for a while but the clearance signs drew me in (are you surprised?). Clever marketers. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Remember that many stores go through different buyers, different designers, and other changes. If there’s a great sale at a shop you don’t normally frequent, consider stopping in. Worst case scenario, you spend five minutes looking through a bin/sale rack and then leave.

Readers, any suggestions for hemming and/or tailoring something unexpectedly? Perhaps some tools you recommend keeping on hand?

Thanks for stopping by, readers! I appreciate all of your likes, comments, and thoughts!