(sub)lime lace and light

With our days feeling shorter now that fall has settled in, I am drawn to basking in the sunlight during the day whenever possible. This beautiful scene is a corner I frequent pass without giving it a second glance, but today I couldn’t help but notice the lovely light shining inside. All the more reasonContinue reading “(sub)lime lace and light”

fleecing it up in fall

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t have picked a better day to cozy it up in a fleece-y layered outfit. I took the dip in temperature to mean I needed to go all out fall with dark nails, jewel tones, tall boots, leggings and a scarf. Seriously, readers, you know I LOVEContinue reading “fleecing it up in fall”

slate school days

One of my truly lovely friends bequeathed to me the slate Opening Ceremony shoes pictured here.  They easily have become my new love.  Seriously, it’s hard not to love something so unique and special such as a suede, knotted, slate colored bootie.  My heart is a’flutter.  Toss on my Sleeping on Snow sweater that IContinue reading “slate school days”

remix and rematch, part 4

It is time for another remix and rematch post, Fashion Huntress style! This is a special edition of remix and rematch because I have had both of the featured items for…wait for it…over five years! Yes, my friends, this is an ‘oldies but goodies/classics remain classic/giving old items a facelift’ remix and rematch. Buying highContinue reading “remix and rematch, part 4”

on the dot

In keeping with my dress and skirt theme this month, I kept my Friday look simple with blue and purple polka dots! My nails ended up matching another outfit this week. The purple polka dots were much more versatile than I anticipated! Top: Banana Republic ($10 marked down from approx $50) Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 markedContinue reading “on the dot”