summer breeze (aka ruffle revival)

Finally, finally, a warm (albeit humid) breeze has hit Chicago, and the summer clothes can make their debut! I found myself wondering whether it was “white skirt” weather…umm, that’s what happens, people, when you have an 8 month long winter. Your brain gets all sorts of confused about clothes. Anywho, speaking of summer. Is thereContinue reading “summer breeze (aka ruffle revival)”

whirl and twirl

“Feel like a woman. Wear a dress.” Diane Von Furstenberg  Personally, I think there’s a lot of ways to feel like a woman, but DVF does have a point. We finally (omg, you guys, FINALLY) got a heat wave here in Chicago. I was PUMPED (can you tell?!) to bust out a dress (no tights!)Continue reading “whirl and twirl”

happy in hot pink

Happy Wednesday, readers!  To celebrate Wednesday, I’m showing a work look and how I styled the work look into a weekend look- a new posting theme for the Fashion Huntress. The lovely Fuchsia Couture by Liliana, whom you all met a few weeks ago, sent over a sneak peek look at her jeans. I was swooning over theContinue reading “happy in hot pink”

fabulous fuchsia (couture)

As you know or may not know, I actually don’t write sponsored posts on this blog. If I’m approached to take a look at something someone does, then I happily will oblige- but I personally will not accept products for payment or publicity. In true Huntress fashion, if I think something is legit, then IContinue reading “fabulous fuchsia (couture)”