life lately (in fashion)

Well, it’s the holidays, so the usual increase in tasks and work has arrived again! I still managed to snap a few pics of life lately (aka what I was wearing lately). The top photo is my debut of my new arm tights from Spanx. They are fabulous and are helping me transition my springContinue reading “life lately (in fashion)”

happy halloween!

“tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch.” -Linus Coat: Banana Republic via thrift ($1) Sweater: Gap ($10 marked down from approx $70) Button down: Gap ($9 marked down from approx $60) Jeans: Articles of Society via Nordstrom Rack ($36 marked down from approx $68) I also had some questions about myContinue reading “happy halloween!”

calm & centered (leave your tip!)

Readers, I’ve been taking blogging a bit easy lately, since I’ve been extra focused on work and finding a sense of balance in my day to day ebb and flow. Things have a way of getting out of balance quickly and I find it’s a constant effort to feel like I’ve got everything calm andContinue reading “calm & centered (leave your tip!)”

everything embroidered

It’s hard to nail down my favorite fashion trends lately because there’s so many fun and creative options! In this look, I’m embracing the embroidery trend. I love the texture and custom feel embroidery adds to items like shoes, coats, and dresses. As a side note, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how IContinue reading “everything embroidered”

glitter and ruffles galore

Glitter and ruffles. Sigh. I’m always sold on glitter and ruffles. I took these photos before I left for our honeymoon, but we are very fortunate it’s still remained quite warm in Chicago, so the look still applies. Fingers crossed fall continues to last… Top: J Crew ($40 marked down from $60) on sale here Pants:Continue reading “glitter and ruffles galore”

golden haze days (+giveaway entry 4 days left!)

The days are really flying by lately…I can’t believe we are a month away from Christmas already! Still, Autumn is in the air and the leaves are crisp below my (high heeled) feet. I’m holding on to the golden haze days- and trekking out in the woods in my heels and jumpsuit to enjoy them.Continue reading “golden haze days (+giveaway entry 4 days left!)”

bright brocade

There’s a few styles of fabric and prints that have my heart (denim, toile, houndstooth, to name a few). Brocade has always been one of my favorites, but I rarely find brocade prints and fabric, let alone in metallic! So, I was, of course, super excited to find this skirt at BCBG over the summer.Continue reading “bright brocade”

ombre with a vintage vibe

So there I was at my local thrift shop, looking for some vases, when I saw this gem of a dress. I swear, I wasn’t even clothing thrifting but this dress was just calling my name. I couldn’t believe it: a vintage ombre dress! I was so excited to try it out! Despite the factContinue reading “ombre with a vintage vibe”

time flies (and fun ahead)!

WHOA, September! Between getting married in five more weeks, changing jobs, and opening a business, time is FLYING! …and The Fashion Huntress again takes a back seat. But I am here, readers! And I appreciate so very much all of your support! This is an exciting time, and I love being able to share it,Continue reading “time flies (and fun ahead)!”

happy pre-holiday

I’m generally in the camp of limiting a lot of holiday spirit before Thanksgiving, but lately I just can’t stop myself! I’m already listening to holiday music and putting up holiday decorations. Poor Thanksgiving. But you can’t really get into a Thanksgiving themed outfit quite like you can a holiday themed outfit (ie lots ofContinue reading “happy pre-holiday”

scarf, stripes, and statement (necklace)

I don’t have too much to say today except that I am swooning over this statement necklace by Pam Hiran that I found at Anthropologie the other day. Seriously, they have such great jewelry there, and this necklace is no exception. I had been looking for a big statement necklace and finally found this uniqueContinue reading “scarf, stripes, and statement (necklace)”

enchanted forest

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I got a hat while I was in San Diego. I told my boyfriend that I felt very strongly that the hat should be photographed in a wooded area.  Not only did he not find this odd (he really gets me), but he also did not balkContinue reading “enchanted forest”