gone green (aka flannel revival)

Well, readers, I fear it has begun…my slightly irrational attachment to flannel and sweaters has started up again this season. I promise, I will do my very best to not just feature flannel and sweaters for the next six snowy/cold months in Chicago. I might as well just say it: I, The Fashion Huntress, haveContinue reading “gone green (aka flannel revival)”

loving leaves (aka cozy layers)

With the significant temperature drop in Chicago, I’m all about cozying up in sweaters, big scarves, and keeping it simple. If you haven’t gotten enough of my fall photos, there’s still more to come. We’re so lucky to have had a long fall here, as many years it seems to fly by straight into winter.Continue reading “loving leaves (aka cozy layers)”

black and brown bliss

I spent many years thinking you couldn’t wear black and brown together. I have no idea where I got that idea, or why, but I used to think that wearing black and brown together was a serious fashion no-no. Even as an adult, I put on my brown tweed dress and thought, “can I wearContinue reading “black and brown bliss”

fairy woodland wonder skirt

Sometimes, when I find things at a super low price, I just can’t imagine my luck that others would have passed it over. The other day, when thrifting with my dear friend, I found this lovely watercolor/petal/fairy/whimsical skirt…for $4. Stop it. $4? Where am I not going to wear this whimsical fairy skirt?! This skirtContinue reading “fairy woodland wonder skirt”

swinging in studs and stripes

When I passed these giant subway posts today, I thought to myself, “you should go swing on that for the blog.” Totally normal walking into work thought, right? Well, that’s just what I did. Per usual, we received a number of puzzled glances (i.e. stares) as I climbed onto the metal work. The thing I’veContinue reading “swinging in studs and stripes”

happily halloween

Happy Halloween, readers! While there’s no dressing up at work, I couldn’t help but wear an orange and black ensemble today to celebrate the holiday. I also celebrated by eating festive Halloween candy at my desk. I mean, it’s only right to celebrate a holiday focused on candy by eating candy, right? I will alsoContinue reading “happily halloween”

super studded and shiny

When I see pieces like a tartan, studded, poofy shouldered flannel in the clearance section, I just can’t imagine why anyone would pass it up. I also marvel at my luck while huntressing. Wearing studded pieces at work was a definite goal of mine, though many of the studded pieces I’ve seen aren’t really conservativeContinue reading “super studded and shiny”

tumbling in autumn (tribal)

Autumn is sort-of slowly tumbling in here in Chicago. The mornings are cool and breezy, while our afternoons are still on the warm side. I knew I was going to be in trouble when I spotted this fleece moto jacket at Gap a month ago. Yes, you sure did read that right. Fleece. Moto. Jacket.Continue reading “tumbling in autumn (tribal)”