printed pajamas and puddles

I don’t know how many of you readers have seen About a Boy with Hugh Grant, but I happen to love that movie. There’s a great scene where the boy finds himself singing out loud at school, “hanging around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” Now, that songContinue reading “printed pajamas and puddles”

silky, shruggy, and almost stapled

Oh my. Do you ever have a moment when you realize you really didn’t buy the right size pants? Well, I had that moment today. I guess when I saw “relaxed khakis” in my standard size I figured, “these will fit perfectly.” Umm, my pants were a bit too relaxed, which I realized on myContinue reading “silky, shruggy, and almost stapled”

all grown-up girly

Somehow, my fashion blog ends up being about life in a lot of ways. I guess it’s not too surprising because I think our clothes are often an exterior marker of our interior- a way to show a little of our personality before we even speak. Well, when I saw the photos my girlfriend tookContinue reading “all grown-up girly”

practice makes perfect

Okay, I fear that I may be a bit of an outfit repeater these days in my boots and leggings. I really hope I still can sit with the cool kids at lunch. …if you are befuddled by that comment, please refer to Mean Girls (“You can’t sit with us!”). But seriously, who has aContinue reading “practice makes perfect”

sweet sheer summer

With this lovely breeze and cooler weather in Chicago, the fashion doors have opened and I am back to looking through my pants and long sleeved tops! I opted for a sheer floral top today with my pastel pink pants. You can never have too much pink, in my opinion. In the picture below youContinue reading “sweet sheer summer”

maxed out

When Lucky contributors were asked to participate in a posting about a Dasani challenge that requested “showing your summer colors,” I jumped on the opportunity. Readers, you know I LOVE bold colors and prints. This maxi dress by Mimi Chica is no exception! I found this lovely asymmetrical maxi dress at my favorite consignment shopContinue reading “maxed out”

remix and rematch, part 2

As promised, it’s time for another remix and rematch! It is always fun to try and wear something in a new way. It is also much more budget friendly to rotate pieces than to buy all brand new pieces to create a new look. Without further ado, here are the remixed looks from the pastContinue reading “remix and rematch, part 2”

seeing cerulean

When I saw this lace top this week at H&M, I knew exactly how I was going to wear it. Blogging about finding professional work clothes for a good price challenges me to look for the best deals I can find.  This shirt definitely made the cut at $5! What a steal, right? I pairedContinue reading “seeing cerulean”

summer breeze

It definitely smells like summer here, and the air feels slightly humid and warm. The air reminds me of summer breezes, tall prairie grasses, and swimming pools! I took swimming lessons throughout my childhood and into my teenage years. These warm days and summer breezes remind me of mornings in the park district pool- wearingContinue reading “summer breeze”