sunny winter solstice

The winter solstice is tomorrow…and bringing with it 50 degree weather! It’s funny how a little unexpected warmth can add so much joy to the day. I’m even pulling out my hot pink lipstick and mint pants to celebrate. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all! So much to look forward toContinue reading “sunny winter solstice”

circus (sort-of) sweater dress

Apparently I’m loving stripes this season, seeing as how I just posted my retro colored striped sweater a couple of posts ago! This dress has a similar retro feeling to it. Although, I don’t know why, but it this dress reminds me a circus “big top” when I hold it wide (see below photo). Can youContinue reading “circus (sort-of) sweater dress”

(not so) mean mr mustard

Changing it up today, here is my open letter to the color Mustard. Dear Mustard, You and I have,  historically, not been friends- hence, Mean Mr. Mustard. I’m sorry that I called you that name. I used to think you deserved it, but I can now see the error of my ways.  It’s just thatContinue reading “(not so) mean mr mustard”

not wavering in wind

A blustery day, indeed, is featured in these photos. Despite all that wind and cold, I attempted to stay strong and get these blog photos in…this was perhaps the quickest shoot yet in Fashion Huntress blogging. I’ll leave this post brief, as I think the quote and photos say it all. “Adversity is like aContinue reading “not wavering in wind”