musings on milly (for kohl’s)

Apparently my last post on my vintage Milly dress was well timed, because I realized that the Milly for Kohl’s line is now available (in stores and online)! Never one to miss a designer collaboration with an affordable retail store, I checked it out. Not too surprisingly, many pieces were already sold out in myContinue reading “musings on milly (for kohl’s)”

forward focus: 2015 (and a flashback)

Well, it’s about that time, readers: time to focus on goals for 2015. I mean it, I really mean it, this year, I’m going to clean out my closet and keep my “donate” pile going! I’m also going to try and finally get my dry cleaning to the cleaners (versus hanging out in the trunkContinue reading “forward focus: 2015 (and a flashback)”

winter whirlwind

Oh my…it’s that time of year, readers. I admit that I can get a little caught up in the winter whirlwind around this time of year. This year, predictably, is no different. Even my to-do list starts to look confusing, which is an indication that I probably need to slooooooow doooooown. So, I tried toContinue reading “winter whirlwind”

not so basic black

If there’s one type of sale I love the most, it has to be a sale at an outlet store. When I found this dress at the Bloomingdale’s outlet for 60% off the outlet price (and I had a coupon), I was in Fashion Huntress heaven.As you’ve probably noticed, I don’t wear a ton ofContinue reading “not so basic black”

totally tweed

What is it about tweed that feels so fall and so grown up? I guess maybe because kids don’t wear a ton of tweed (do they?). When I’m in tweed, I feel like I’m all grown up- like I’m organized and know what I’m doing. So, of course, whenever I find a tweed piece onContinue reading “totally tweed”

breaking button down barriers

I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’ve been all about breaking fashion “rules.” I wore a button down shirt (wait for it) …OPEN! Stop it. I know. It’s too much! I haven’t been this excited about wearing a button down shirt open since the early 90s, when it was super cool to wearContinue reading “breaking button down barriers”

totally tasseled

Happy Monday, readers! Do you like how I added the exclamation mark to hopefully add some enthusiasm to Monday? I’m not sure if it’s working, but it’s worth a try, right? The weekends always pass so fast, but I’m still managing to sneak in some crafting here and there, including this tassel necklace that IContinue reading “totally tasseled”

step on the gas (aka shirt dress gone shirt)

Readers, I know how to drive, but I spent many years not driving. One of the joys of living in an urban area is that you can survive without a car. Recently, I started driving more and found myself not feeling all that comfortable behind the wheel. I mean, I can get the car fromContinue reading “step on the gas (aka shirt dress gone shirt)”