(glitter) fancy in fall


Okay, I think anyone who reads this blog (or has seen my kitchen) knows that I am pretty much obsessed with fall fashion and fall snacks. I probably need a pumpkin intervention. That’s right. My name is the Fashion Huntress, and I’m obsessed with all things fall.

You can only imagine how I feel when I get to wear my favorite fall coat (orange, of course), flannels and matching orange socks (middle school style). Well, I kicked it up a notch this fall with…wait for it…are you ready?

Fall glitter and brown suede brogues.

(Cut to me: swooning, reaching for pumpkin coffee, sitting back to soak in all that fall has to offer, and eating a pumpkin biscotti)

Don’t try and stop this fashion train. It’s already left the station, and I am not planning to get off the fall/pumpkin train until at least Thanksgiving.  And then, don’t you worry, I’ll be ALL about winter holiday wear (and snacks).


Flannel: H&M ($20 marked down from $25)

Striped top: Gap (approx $15 marked down from approx $30)

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack ($20)

Coat: Gap (approx $25 marked down from approx $70)

Socks: Gap ($1 marked down from approx $5)

Shoes: Not Rated via Marshall’s ($19 marked down from $40)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) These shoes were a real find in the clearance section of Marshall’s. A lot of times the shoes in that section are one season behind.  However, I found a number of boots and brogues in the clearance section during my last visit.  I think they may have been passed up because it’s a bit hard to conceptualize (at least for me) how you might wear a pair of glittery brogues. If you’re asking yourself, “where would I not wear them?” then I commend you! Skinny jeans, dress pants, colored jeans, and tweed skirts are going to look great with these shoes. If you see something you like when you are shopping, but aren’t sure how to wear it, consider walking around the store holding pieces up to each other. And always, always, try things on! These looked way too small for me, but ended up fitting perfectly! You just never know unless you try things on.

2) I love clearance shopping for shoes. (Are you surprised?) One of my tricks is to look through at least one half size down and one half size up from my regular shoe size.  First, many shoes end up getting placed in the wrong section when people are trying things on and putting them back. Second, different shoes/brands have different fits and you may find that smaller/bigger sizes fit you perfectly.  I’ve also read that many people look in the juniors section for shoes, or even in the kids section, as some of the bigger “kid” sizes convert over to small adult shoe sizes.  It sounds time consuming, but I find that I can get through most small  clearance shoe sections in approx 10-15 minutes. I found the shoes pictured here in the wrong size section and would have missed them otherwise!

Does anyone else have sale shoe shopping tips? Are you wearing brogues this fall too?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my fashion adventures, readers!

workin’ for (and during) the weekend



Well, readers, it’s the time again. Sunday night means returning to work tomorrow. As you know, I don’t normally post my weekend clothes, as this blog is dedicated mostly to budget friendly work attire.  However, I actually work weekends and because I work in a private office on the weekends, I tend to wear much more casual attire than I do the rest of the week.  I have not, however, ever worn a sweatshirt to my weekend work…until this weekend.

Why start now, you ask? Well, readers, one simple answer: sequins.

Exhibit A:



While I was having a sequin party at work, why not add printed jeans?

Exhibit B:



I know, it’s almost like I was having too much fun between the sequined sweatshirt and printed jeans, right? Well, I was workin’ for (and during) the weekend!




Sequined sweatshirt: Old Navy ($15 marked down from $20)

Jeans: Old Navy ($30)

Shoes: Minnetonka at Old Navy ($17 marked down from $45)



Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I don’t wander into Old Navy too frequently, but they have great staples there. I shied away from their pants in the past because they didn’t seem to fit well.  However, I decided that it’s one of those stores that have sizes that are not really representative of sizes in most other stores.  If you’re looking for a trendy pair of pants that may go out of style quickly, then definitely consider going somewhere like Old Navy or H&M.  But, if you’re at Old Navy, throw all sense of sizing out the window! Once I did, I found a pair that fit perfectly. Also, they have really great sales online.  These pants, along with a ton of other printed pants, are on sale now. http://oldnavy.gap.com/

2) Somehow, sequins seem to make sweatshirts that much more “appropriate” for public usage. I’ve always embraced wearing sweatshirts around on the weekends, but sequins do make them look, I’ll say it, even a bit classy. There are a ton of places to find these sweatshirts lately; I’ve seen them in most chain stores. And, of all the DIY fashion there is, bedazzling a sweatshirt is one of those projects that you actually could easily complete. Sequins? Hot glue gun? Easy peasy. 

Readers, what do you think? Are sequined sweatshirts an upgrade for weekend wear? Are you embracing this trend?

Happy Monday, readers! Hope everyone has a good start to the week!


fantastically faux


With the heat wave continuing here in Chicago, I decided to continue embracing summer looks…seeing as how the weather is giving us little choice! As I did with my outfit yesterday, I added long sleeves to make this look a bit more transitional looking versus strictly a summer look.

Since it’s not really fall, I’ve decided it’s faux fall/faux summer. In honor of the weather, I decided to make my theme today “faux.” I wore my faux pearls and faux “I’m a ballerina” skirt. I classify that skirt as “faux” because I don’t have great hand-eye coordination and could never be a ballerina. True story. Seriously, ask anyone that’s seen me try to throw a ball.


Along with my pearls, I added pointy toed kitten heels that have a bow on the front.


My faux look was complete!


Top: Ann Taylor Loft (approx $10 marked down from approx $30)

Skirt: Ann Taylor ($12 marked down from $60)

Necklace: Forever 21 (I can’t remember, but I’m guessing around $5-$7)

Shoes: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) When I’m clearly wearing costume jewelry, I tend to go all out costume.  The pearl necklace I found at Forever 21 is definitely costume jewelry, and with the rosette on the side, I think even more so. Personally, I love costume jewelry for the right time and place.  There are so many great places to get big statement/costume pieces for great prices. I love Forever 21 and H&M for these types of necklaces, and jewelry in general.  While I don’t wear this particular necklace a ton, I have had it for a number of years now, and it’s still in great shape.  I do keep all my jewelry laying flat/hanging on a cork board, if possible, as I think that tends to prolong its life, shape, and quality.

2) Transitioning clothes this time of year can be tricky when the weather does not cooperate! I like to keep my looks half summer/half fall during “fall months” when it is still exceptionally warm.  I think the easiest way to do this is to add long sleeves to outfits with skirts or short sleeves to outfits with pants.  Not showing a lot of skin is a must in most conservative work settings, so this is a good rule of thumb in general. Also, when wearing your sheer summer pieces, always wear a slip. Slips are perfect for summer, tights and leggings are perfect for fall and winter.  Forgetting one is a mistake that you hopefully only make once. Yikes. We’ve all been there!

Anywho, what do people think of costume jewelry at work? Go? No-go? What about ballerina looks?

Thanks for reading, readers! As always, thanks for visiting and commenting!!

fortuitous find


Last night when I was waiting to meet a friend, I popped into H&M. It just so happens he works next door, I swear! Anyway, after a very disappointing blue shoe search at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I found these gems at H&M, for …wait for it….$10. There were ton of these left at my local H&M, as well as a few other pairs of heels, so definitely go check out your local shop, if you are in the market for blue heels.


They were originally $30, marked down to $10 and in the exact shade I had been looking for the past few weeks.

I paired these fortuitously found blue shoes with my oldie but goodie Vena Cava for Gap dress from 2009. This dress is a wee bit snug these days, but I just cannot bear to part with it because I love it so. I also added my ever faithful black leggings with zippers at the ankles.


I kept my jewelry simple given the busy design of the dress. I wore my long necklace and Coach ring from many years back, as well.


Because I am still breaking the blue shoes in, I had my black kitten heels on hand, as well.


I actually liked the dress with the black heels too, though I preferred the blue while I could tolerate to break them in…what we won’t do for fashion, right?



Dress: Vena Cava for Gap ($20 marked down from $88)

Blue shoes: H&M ($10 marked down from $30)

Leggings: Blue from Filene’s Basement ($4 marked down from approx $20)

*Black shoes: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I searched high and low for a pair of brightly colored blue heels on sale before finding them unexpectedly at H&M. The quality seemed pretty good to me, given that they are reinforced with a thick rubber sole. Thus, the blue shoes seemed like a reasonable heel to me.

If I’m buying a pair of shoes that may not be super high quality, I look to see whether the sole is sturdy or whether it will wear down after walking in them for a bit. Thin rubber, especially in flats, can wear down really quickly. In heels, however, as long as the sole is sturdy, the shoe should hold up just fine, especially with a thick heel. Even with high end flats, I’ve had problems with soles wearing right out (i.e. my Ugg ballet flats), so just look thoroughly at the sole before you purchase them.

2) This dress is a bit on the short side for work. You guys know what I do in those instances, just add leggings or tights! This dress without tights, but with the blue shoes, would definitely not be okay for work. However, I can easily transition the look from day to night by just ditching the tights.

While safari looks have “gone in” and “gone out” and maybe come back in again (?), I have kept this dress through the years. I love it, and end up wearing it every season, regardless of where the safari trend is sitting (in or out). If you love something, keep it! Wear it! And, always, enjoy it!

Thank you for stopping by readers!

airy asymmetrical


A slight cold front had me pulling out my faithful black leggings again this week. With foggy, cold weather starting again, I went with an airy asymmetrical look at work.


Dress: Nordstrom Rack ($20 marked down from approx $45)

Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)

Leggings: Old Navy ($10)

Belt: Urban Outfitters ($5 marked down from approx $25)

Shoes: Aubrey Brooke from DSW ($12 marked down from $99)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) I love asymmetrical clothes! This dress was a great find at Nordstrom Rack. As I have mentioned in past posts, they have a great selection of dresses that are around $20. Many of the dresses have trendy finishes and are perfect if you want to try out a new trend. Look around the dress racks to see if you can find them; they are not in the clearance section, which is amazing considering the good price!

2) The Nordstrom Rack “Clear the Rack” sale just started! Double point days coincide with the sale and are July 5-7. To benefit from their rewards program, you can get a Nordstrom card that links to your debit card versus opening a new credit card. For those who prefer to shop with debit versus credit, this is a great program and a smart way to earn points without having to open a new card.

Here is information about the sale:


You can learn more about their rewards points program here:


Happy Friday! Thanks for visiting!