banana (republic) on a budget


As I mentioned in my last post, today I’m talking about making a killing at Banana Republic. September is the time to go if you’re looking to get the best deals on past season clothes (which can totally be worn in fall and winter, if you ask me). Okay, so where do you start? In the clearance section, of course. The photo above is of my local store’s clearance section (which is huge because it’s a flagship store, but I think this applies to all BRs).


You want to look for signs like the one above; these sections make your leg work easier. You might be tempted to start at the $29.99 and under sign, but keep looking around, readers. There’s likely a rack that has better deals (normally further back in the store and/or in a corner).


Here we go. I’m starting to feel good about this sale, but I still think we could do better (although, hello, isn’t that front pink and white sequin skirt too fab??).


THIS is where the magic happens. $9.99 and 40% off…most items will be around $6. SOLD. You might be thinking, “oh, the stuff on that rack won’t be that great.” It can be that great, though! Sneak peek below of what I found…look post to follow!


See? Super easy. People often ask how long it takes me to find good deals. The answer is really not long at all; I shopped the BR sale in about a half hour. The trick is being efficient, sticking to a budget, trying everything on (final sale items are not returnable), and only buying what you truly love (not things ‘just because they are a good price’).

TA DA! Last step: run off into the sunset feeling fab about your superhero skills.


Thanks so much for stopping by, readers! Until next time!


you have my heart


I’m always happy to be sporting ruffles and hearts, so this dress made my day! This was a gem of a find at my local consignment shop. I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress with the tags still attached for $23 (marked down from $300)! What? I know, I was thrilled. At $300, that dress was out of my reach, but for $23? SOLD.

You may remember the last time I wore this dress:

photo (5)photo 1

This time, I changed it up by swapping out different shoes and a different cardigan.  Though, this is a great summer dress without the cardigan for when I’m commuting to work!


I think the ruffles on this dress really make it that much cuter.


Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs ($23 marked down from $300)

Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)

Shoes: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve and Barry’s ($9)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) It can really be tough to dress for work when summer gets exceptionally hot! I personally aim for dresses that are knee length (or as close to it as possible) at work. In the winter, you can get away with shorter dresses if you’re wearing tights or leggings, but summer generally means bare legs and thus, slightly longer is needed. I always add a cardigan or blazer for the indoor AC and to cover my shoulders (required per our dress code). I’ve been surprised by how many dresses look completely different with a cardigan and sweater. By wearing your weekend summer dresses to work, you can get far more usage out of them, which is definitely budget friendly.

2) I was really on the fence about consignment…until I tried it! Now I’ve decided it’s actually magical. Yes, magical! If you shop consignment in a nice area, you can find some great couture pieces, and often with tags attached.

I always look up reviews before I go somewhere (I use Yelp) to review:

-What types of clothing they have (vintage, couture, designer, everyday/chain stores)

-General price range (think through what you are willing to spend; some places have consignment for $100-$150+/item, while other places run $20-$30/item)

-Quality of the clothing (new/barely used, gently used, used)

 I have been asked if there is a lot of “digging” at these types of shops. My answer is always: if you go to a good store that you have researched, then no, it is not a lot of digging at all.  However, some people enjoy a good dig. When I’m in the mood for digging, then I really don’t mind that type of store. However, shopping for good deals does not always mean you’re digging and spending a ton of time looking for deals!

Happy mid-week, readers! We are having fabulous weather in Chicago; I hope everyone else is as well. Sunshine and a cool breeze always makes for a good start to the day. Thank you for stopping by!

on the dot


In keeping with my dress and skirt theme this month, I kept my Friday look simple with blue and purple polka dots!

My nails ended up matching another outfit this week. The purple polka dots were much more versatile than I anticipated!



Top: Banana Republic ($10 marked down from approx $50)
Cardigan: Banana Republic ($18 marked down from $70)
Skirt: H&M ($20 marked down from approx $50)
Shoes: Gap ($21 marked down from $50)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Even though my top and shoes were from two different stores, they ended up matching perfectly. If you are looking to match pieces from different stores, you can always carry pieces you want to match in your purse. In the past, when I have carried around a photo of the piece I’m trying to match, the colors did not end up matching quite right. So, it is generally best to carry the actual piece, if possible. The benefit of shopping this way is you may find better deals at different stores, versus shopping solely in one store.

2) The blue top is a great sheer piece with a tank top already attached to it. You guys know how I feel about sheer at work! You can do it, just add a top underneath (if there is not one already attached) and a cardigan. You’ll be good to go!

Happy Sunday, readers! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!