pretty in primary palette


Hello, readers! After my mismatching Monday outfit a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to again embrace my love of power clashing (clashion, if you will). This time, I went with red, green, blue, and yellow bold tones.

When I found a great nail polish on sale for 70 cents (what?!) at Walgreens this weekend, I was inspired to go classic red with my nails to match my red shoes. The nail polish is Wet n’ Wild “Red red” and is normally $1. Interestingly enough, this is one of Cosmo’s top award winners for red nail polish. Who knew?


While I was having a nail polish party, I did my toes too! I love how the green skirt looks with the red heels and nails.


I added my Charming Charlie clearance find yellow necklace to keep with the primary color theme.


And ta da! Power clashing in the best way (at least, I think so!)!


Skirt: Ann Taylor ($20 marked down from approx $90)

Top: Forever 21 ($20)

Shoes: Audrey Brooke at DSW ($30 marked down from $60)

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s (approx $10 on clearance)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Sometimes, I think, it is good to get back to the basics. This outfit was all about primary colors and basic color pairing. If you want to wear all different colors and not look like it was an accident, consider wearing colors that are similar tones. All of these colors are different, but the tones are the same and, as a result, the outfit looks coherent.

2) I do not know what it is about denim that I love so much! If you follow my blog, you have seen my many postings in ode to denim. Perhaps my love comes from the fact that denim is very versatile and easy to match. I got this particular denim top at Forever 21. Even though it was only $20 (not even on sale!), it is practically indestructible.

I also bought it one size up from my regular size so I could pair it with more fitted pants and skirts without looking as though I am wearing too much tight clothing for work. While the skirt is fitted, the top is a bit looser, which makes this look perfect for work!

Thank you for reading, all! I hope the end of the week goes well! Onward with your fashion huntress endeavors!


summer breeze


It definitely smells like summer here, and the air feels slightly humid and warm. The air reminds me of summer breezes, tall prairie grasses, and swimming pools!

I took swimming lessons throughout my childhood and into my teenage years. These warm days and summer breezes remind me of mornings in the park district pool- wearing my hot pink swim shoes and ruffled bathing suit as a girl. While, alas, I do not go to the pool on Monday mornings, I still reminisce in grown-up hot pink accessories at work. In my adult hot pink summer clothes, I wore a brightly colored pleated chiffon skirt with a neon top and necklace.


Skirt: Ann Taylor ($20 marked down from $70)
Shirt: Ann Taylor ($10 marked down from approx $25)
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack ($14 marked down from $40)
Shoes: Jellypop at DSW ($12 marked down from $60)


Fashion Huntress tips:

1) Platforms are an easy way to walk in heels at work. I was not sure if the metallic heel would be too edgy for work. However, by pairing the shoes with a long skirt, I was able to keep the look conservative enough for work. These shoes were a yellow sticker purchase at DSW, so they were 80% off! When I last checked, the shoes were available here! They are not on clearance online, but still a pretty good deal online at 50% off.

2) Make neon pieces work appropriate by only wearing 1-2 neon pieces at a time. The shirt and necklace were both neon, but the skirt was a bit more muted. Adding brown pumps (even these jazzy ones), still kept everything work appropriate.

Wearing hot pink at work just makes everything brighter!

Spring pants bandwagon!

photo 1 (8)photo 1 (6)

Let’s face it: finding work appropriate and properly fitting pants can be a real challenge. I normally have to tackle pants looking oddly baggy or too tight in the back. Sometimes I tackle the dreaded ‘fit through the leg, but weird gap in the back’ around the waist. Maybe it is just me, but I have a feeling other working women experience this too. Thus, when it comes to work pants, I do not find many opportunities to find a real steal in terms of price- I just want a pair that fit. That being said, there are a couple of stores where I have been able to find pants somewhat painlessly. Once I know the ‘fit/style’ and the size in a store, I can generally tell if the pant will fit before I try it on, because it is the same pant every time. In these stores, generally the only modifications are the color and fabric.

I wanted to get on the colored pants bandwagon this spring, so I hit up my local Ann Taylor. I found a pair that was on sale (same size and style as I always get), though not heavily discounted. The ‘vineyard green’ jeans were originally $88, marked down to $59. Eh.

While not appropriate for work, I did find the exact same jeans in a different color. That is right, readers, grey leopard print. These were the same pants as the green pants, except for the color. The salesperson told me that the prices vary based on when they came out in the season. Therefore, the leopard pants were marked down to $20 from $88. That is more like it.

Original price of the green pants = $88, paid = $59

Savings = $29

Original price of the grey leopard pants = $88, paid = $20

Savings = $68

Fashion Huntress tips:

1) It is easier to find work pants on sale if you look throughout the season in stores you know have pants that fit you well. Buying pants off-season is a good way to snag way better deals than what I did with the green pants. Buying spring pants in spring means that you are probably going to spend more.

2) The colored jeans ended up being work appropriate because they are completely solid and do not actually look like jeans. I was pleasantly surprised to find jeans that ended up looking appropriate for work.

3) Different colors in the same style of an item may be tagged at different price points, so check out all of the colors and look for price differences. The grey pants are not work appropriate, but for $20, they were a steal and cute for weekends.