poplin on the prairie

A true Midwesterner at heart, I love being in prairie restoration sites. I was able to take some of my photos in such a site (staying on the path and not disturbing anything!) and felt totally at home. Of the 240 million acres that once existed in the Midwest, less than 1% remains today. ThanksContinue reading “poplin on the prairie”

awesomely alex + ani

As you may already recall, Alex and Ani already had a place in my heart, as of a while now. So, when I was approached to collab with this fab company, you can imagine my reaction. This company is all about positive energy: girl power, feeling empowered to live your cause, and to celebrate life with fabulousContinue reading “awesomely alex + ani”

(accessories) out of africa

My parents recently got back from a safari in Tanzania.  They brought back some truly amazing jewelry from their trip (along with some awesome photos and stories!). Their photos were so breathtaking, though the photos of the vultures were actually a bit creepy… Anywho, back to the jewelry. This necklace and bracelet were both madeContinue reading “(accessories) out of africa”