22 thoughts on “the archive: oldies but goodies

  1. I love all your outfits! very classy. Especially the lime green/navy combination. I’m not one for neon colors but I love those together

      1. Of course! and thank you for the follow back 🙂 I’m fairly new to this whole thing so I’m still figuring things out

  2. You inspire me! I love the outfits you come up with for work! Over time I’ve built up my professional wardrobe and its similar to yours. Such cute clothes ❤

  3. As i was looking at all your outfits,,,, to me….all I can say is * W 0 W !!!!! I LUV them…….ALL!!! the ones that stand out most to me…as of now…are really the pants/legging type style…until i start to develop more in my learning of…? how to explain it? more knowledge & understanding of all things Girly so to speak , & I am not at the level of wearing skirts / dressers (yet) BUT….I can say for the future of Kelly she sure will wear them very very soon in the future she is really loving the looks of…MAXI Dressers!! thank U for this post

  4. oh my goodness yes. Chicago it sure can get cool &…(windy) i liv in N.Y. I suppose ? while I,m still very new to dressing up I am in the wrong City 2 liv ? lol because….I would (LOVE) to be wearing all the leggings / outfits of that kind right now lol K 🙂 thanx again 4 being kind 2Me

  5. Hi!! i just found your blog and im an instant follower. I love your taste and the fact that you protect your identity as an anonymous blogger. Thanks for sharing!!!

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