life lately (in fashion)

Well, it’s the holidays, so the usual increase in tasks and work has arrived again! I still managed to snap a few pics of life lately (aka what I was wearing lately). The top photo is my debut of my new arm tights from Spanx. They are fabulous and are helping me transition my spring and summer wardrobe into my winter wardrobe. I have my eye on the black metallic pair next! And bottom photo- I checked out the new line at target “A New Day.” Super cute line- and perfect for the price. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

17 thoughts on “life lately (in fashion)

  1. You make Home Depot shopping look like a day out on the town. Thanks for reminding us all that we don’t need to “dress down” while going about our daily lives. Every day is a day to look fab!

  2. I love A New Day!! Affordable style❤️ And it’s good to see that you are back. I am reading the post backwards 😂 It’s easier for me to start at the latest post.

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