calm & centered (leave your tip!)


Readers, I’ve been taking blogging a bit easy lately, since I’ve been extra focused on work and finding a sense of balance in my day to day ebb and flow. Things have a way of getting out of balance quickly and I find it’s a constant effort to feel like I’ve got everything calm and centered. Some of the ways I try to stay grounded are below. Please share your grounded, centered, and calming tips in the comments section below! I would love new ideas! 

  1. Connecting with friends and family; talk about a taking a village, am I right? Even just a quick text to share in a moment feels like a wonderfully balanced act.
  2. Alone time; most people are shocked to know I’m a massive introvert. I really only recharge being completely by myself and I’ve implemented “task free days” where I just CHILL and do whatever I want. So liberating!! Those days, I’m often thrifting, at the library, or catching up on a few of my favorite shows.
  3. Creating! I LOVE to craft just about anything. These days, I’ve been working on felted wool animals. Yep. It’s so relaxing and calming!
  4. Yoga, mindfulness, and running. Enough said!

What about you, readers? Share your “ommm” strategies below! 

15 replies to “calm & centered (leave your tip!)

  1. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, i find time to stay in, paint my nails, give myself a facial, watch movies with a glass of red wine…it works wonders! 😀

  2. I used to have difficulty being alone, now I love it. I usually dedicate a day or two for myself, running errands, exercising, going to one of my favorite coffee shops or simply exploring my area. I’ve become a big fan of candles and I love to light one up during night time and catch up on blog posts.

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